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December 16, 2007

Watch out. The Raptors have won four straight and are seeking revenge. The Celtics won both games against them this season, the most recent being a 112-84 shellacking. According to all those Raptors’ fans who flooded this site before that game, it’s about respect. Toronto is the defending Atlantic Division champs, damnit! And we Celtics fans should be more humble. How’s this for humility? Today’s game might actually be competitive. Ray Allen and his sore ankle didn’t make the trip. (Granted TJ Ford is still in traction, but Jose Calderon is playing out of his mind.) The Raptors have a chance. (As of 8am, there was no line for this game. Once Vegas wakes up and realizes Ray Allen isn’t playing, expect the Celtics to be favored by 3.)

Here’s a great quote from Doc Rivers who busted Glen Davis’ balls for practicing with a wrap on his left wrist. 

“We’d rip your hand off if we saw that back when I played,” said Rivers. “He’s putting a bull’s-eye on,” Rivers said.

Gotta love the old school mentality.

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Let’s all wish good luck to our buddy John. He’ll be freezing his ass off this afternoon, watching the Patriots and Jets. Enjoy those $8 hot chocolates. And no, watching the game from the medic tent doesn’t make you a pussy.

No Chance
December 7, 2007

This one was over before it started. No Chris Bosh or Andrea Bargnani for the Raptors = a 112-84 victory for the Celtics. But I’m not sure it would have mattered had they played. I’m not going to gloat, so not to piss off all those Raptors fans who logged onto the site earlier today accusing us of not having humility. I’m moving past Toronto and focusing on Chicago. The team many thought would edge out the Celtics as the best team in the East. The Bulls (6-11) are coming off a victory over Detroit and view this game as a chance to turn their disappointing season around. The C’s have the opportunity to squash those hopes, score a solid road win while making yet another statement to their doubters.

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Is There Regret In Toronto?
December 7, 2007

toronto raptors logoThe people of Toronto seem to be very reasonable.  By all accounts, they seem to bathe regularly, they don’t eat their young, and from the photos I’ve seen, there are many very attractive people who reside there.

So I wonder if they, the good folks of Toronto, have any level of regret for the bout of mental retardation that caused them to name their basketball team after a movie.  What if the team came out a few years dr. evil is a raps fan?later?  Would you have named the team after Toronto’s own Mike Myers? (Maybe the Toronto Dr. Evils?  The Toronto Waynes?)  It’s been 12 years since the team came into existence… which means the 10, 11 and 12 year olds who thought Jurassic Park was so cool that they just HAD to name their team the Raptors… are now 22, 23 and 24 years old.  I’m just curious to hear if any of you look back on the voting for a name and wonder “what the hell were we thinking?”  Would you name the team something else now?  Or are you satisfied with the fact that the Vince Carter era was your karmic retribution for a very bad decision? 

(Update:  This link about KG’s possible future in coaching went up on the Globe after I updated this morning.  Thanks for keeping up guys.  Next time, wait a little longer.  The internet is supposed to be FASTER than the morning paper)

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And this is my favorite link that I keep forgetting to post.  From the always great “The Onion”… the best fake newspaper around:  Kendrick Perkins Under Assumption He’s One of Celtics Big 3:

 “Any time you put Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and myself, Kendrick Perkins, on a court together, you’re going to win a bunch of games—but let’s not forget there are two other guys on this team, and their names are Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett,” Perkins told reporters after his seven-point, two-rebound performance Sunday night. “In fact, if Kevin continues to play the way he’s been playing, you may just have to start calling us the ‘Big Four.'”

Battle of the Titans
November 4, 2007

It’s the biggest game on the planet today. The best of the best. If you think I’m talking about the Patriots & Colts, then you are dead wrong. The new and improved Celtics square off against the defending Atlantic division champs, the Toronto Raptors. Don’t laugh….this is a great gauge for two  teams who are striving to dominate the division. The underrated Raptors won 3-out-of-4 against the Celts last season, but you can’t find a more meaningless stat. So how do the Raptors feel about all the attention given to the Celtics?

“What makes Boston different than Jersey or different than Philly?” T.J. Ford asked yesterday after practice.

You’re kidding right T.J.? I realize you don’t want to kiss our ass, but you could at least show some respect. But wait, there’s more.

It’s still five-on-five. It’s still basketball. Yeah, they have big names. Yeah, they’re all-stars. Yeah, those guys will probably be hall of famers. It’s all true, but between those lines those guys are just like us. They’re no different. I’m not looking at KG like he’s a hall of fame player. I mean, I definitely respect him, but in between the lines it’s us against them.”

Let me break it down to you T.J. Between those lines, those guys aren’t like you. They are better. Flat out better.

Need more proof that Gilbert Arenas is a jerk-off? Check out this “complement” he directed at Rajon Rondo.

“He does what he has to do. His job is to be there, just follow, nag. Other than that, you have KG back there, Perkins back there. He’s just there to be a nag and that’s his job.”

How about substituting “play great defense” for “nag”? Then again, what can you expect from a guy who shot 5-20…

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Reminder: There will be no call-in show following the Raptors game. John sprained his larynx (along with a few other body parts following Friday night’s win). But I will be watching, so expect my astute analysis immediately after the game.

It’s back. My lock of the week. Parlay the Patriots (-5), with the over (55).