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Odds ‘n’ Ends
November 12, 2007

vince carterJust a couple of notes from today:

Kevin Garnett was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for putting up about 23 and 16 per game.  This just in:  KG can play basketball.

Scal and James Posey will be able to play tomorrow in Indy.  Scal is coming back from a slight concussion.  Posey’s fighting back spasms.  That link also notes that Vince Carter is out indefinitely with a mild ankle sprain. 

vince carterJust a note on Vince.  He suffered the mildest of ankle sprains and he went down like he was shot.  Not only that… he stayed down… and couldn’t make it back to the locker room without help.  I’ve seen people walk off with partially torn ACL’s… and Vince practically gets carried out with the mildest ankle sprain possible.

To sum up:  Vince Carter is a bitch.

Also…. the new batch of Power Rankings are out.  The Celtics are #1 in Sports Illustrated and Hoopsworld.  And they’re #2 in ESPN’s rankings

And… degenerate gamblers are loving the Boston Celtics.  They’re betting hot and heavy on the C’s… and being rewarded.  They’re not just 5-0 in the NBA… they’re 5-0 vs. the spread so far.  Can it continue?  The C’s are currently 6.5 point favorites in Indy with an over/under of 197.  Indiana is giving up an average of 103 while scoring an average of 101.5.  Consider that the C’s are scoring 107 and giving up 91.  Indy is giving up the most points in the East… so there’s no reason for that trend to stop now against the highest scoring team in the East.  I’m guessing the C’s put up at least 110… and they should hold Indy in the 80’s-90’s.  I say the C’s cover… and I’ll reluctantly take the over and hope the C’s score enough to offset how much they limit the Pacers.

Oh… that was all just for fun.  Don’t gamble… it’s um…. bad for you or something.

Ray In Town Today
July 2, 2007

ray allen's road jerseyHow does Boston feel about the Ray Allen deal?  Bob Lobel asked that question on Sports Final last night… and got a very telling result.  Each answer (yes, no, not sure) had 30-something percent of the vote.  Celtics fans are split right down the middle on this. 

Ray will be in town today to meet the media.  We expect to have a good portion of that news conference (if not the whole thing) posted at some point today.  The local writers must have spent yesterday resting for today’s news conference because there are no new items to post as of this morning.  On the plus side… the writers have plenty of energy to wolf down the complimentary donuts at the news conference. 

Yi Jianlian actually played basketball yesterday… against real human people!  He scored 15 (11 in the 4th quarter) for China’s 19-and-under team in their loss to the US.  China will play the Maverick’s summer league team tomorrow. 

And Vince Carter will re-sign with the Nets for 4 years, $62 mil.  Congrats… locking up an aging crybaby with a knack for disappearing in big spots for big money will clearly get you over the hump.  New Jersey should have followed Seattle’s lead and dumped Jason Kidd for cap relief and picks… let VC walk… and start over.  You’re going nowhere as currently constituted.  But hey… thanks for eliminating another Atlantic Division competitor for us.  3 seed… here we come!