The Closest KG Will Come To Playing Ball In LA
March 12, 2009

The latest KG/Addidas “Brotherhood” ad features him in the UCLA locker room.

(via The Sporting News)


KG Would Never Lose To Young Jeezy
January 28, 2009

… and there’s no way Young Jeezy really has “basketball money”… not like KG.

More On KG’s Shoe
October 27, 2008

Addidas sent me another view of KG’s shoe… and an explanation as to why you see “KP” in the photo used in the previous post.  All of KG’s shoes bear a tribute to Kirby Puckett and Malik Sealy.  It’s Kirby’s initials, and Malik’s number.

Boston Is A Brotherhood
October 21, 2008

Can Kevin Garnett do an ad that doesn’t give me goosebumps?

This is part of a new Addidas campaign called “NBA Tested. Brotherhood Ready.”  KG’s is the 4th ad in the series… which explains the “saved the best for last” line.   The whole series goes live on the Addidas website later this week. 

I know these are just sneaker ads… and a lot of that stuff is staged and scripted… but I get sucked in every time. 

One other note out there:  The NBA is expanding its instant replay use.

Game officials will be able to use instant replay in two cases:

• At any time to determine whether a field goal was properly awarded two or three points and to determine the correct number of free throws on a missed two- or three-point field goal.

• If the game clock malfunctions during a play ending with no time left at the end of a quarter or overtime.

The vote, taken this month, needed the approval of at least 23 clubs. The league expects to make a formal announcement this week.

“I’m Callin’ Your Ass ‘Dwight'”
October 3, 2008

The headline is the best line from the new Addidas Commercial called “The Run”.  It’s just a few guys…. you  know… KG, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady…. and more… getting together to run some ball. 

Some of it is canned, commercial stuff.  Some of it is funny.  The KG/Dwight Howard stuff is the best.

So I openly campaign for sneakers… and Addidas sends me a commercial about sneakers.  We’re getting close.  I can feel the swag coming my way. 

Hey… maybe you can make a commercial about bloggers playing ball in your shoes?  Or, more specifically, getting winded after 3 trips up the floor and then blowing out an ACL in your sneakers.  But we could make sure the sneaker is visible after I’m loaded onto the ambulance

Jason Kidd Going Overseas
August 26, 2008

I came for the gold medal, I stayed for the shoes made by cheap sweatshop labor.

"I came for the gold medal, I stayed for the shoes made by cheap sweatshop labor."

Ok… so he’s not playing overseas… but he IS hawking Chinese shoes.  The Sporting News brings us word that Jason Kidd has dumped Nike to wear Peak shoes.  If you want to see more photos… including close ups of his shoes and a lot of things you can’t read… go here.

So Kidd joins Shane Battier on the Peak roster.  Hmmm… a role player and washed up star.  Way to build that roster.  Meanwhile… Yao Ming is wearing Reebok.  The hottest American star in China, Kobe Bryant, (and most of the league) is decked out in Nike.   I’ve got KG and Dwight Howard selling me Addidas… Dwyane Wade hawking Converse (a Nike brand). 

Do really think a role player and washed-up spousal abuser are going to make your big splash?  Only if you buy me off with a LOT of free stuff.