That Was Ugly
February 20, 2009

It is safe to say there wasn’t anything pretty about this game, especially the fact that it ended at 1:30am.  The inability to grab the rebound off of Kirilenko’s second foul shot destroyed any chances of sending the game into overtime.  KG going down in the first half put pressure on the second unit to step up, but  Perk, Powe, and Scal got into foul trouble leaving a void down low.  The box score will tell the rest of the story.  As far as the story on  KG, his knee will be re-evaluated in Phoenix on Friday.

Bring In The Big Gun: AK-47
June 24, 2007

Somebody woke up the Globe’s Peter May and told him to start chiming in on the Celtics trade rumors. He’s saying the C’s should forget about Garnett and Marion and make a move for Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko. You know what? I agree with him. All along John and I (yes, I’m actually giving him credit for something) have been clamoring for the C’s to make a move for a lesser star (see Gasol, Paul) and finally a big name writer is jumping on our bandwagon.

If the Celtics sent Gerald Green, West, the fifth pick, and Ratliff for Kirilenko and the 25th pick, it’d work. You could also insert Jefferson and Telfair into the mix instead of Green and West, but, again, I’d think long and hard about dealing Jefferson.

It makes sense. C’mon Danny, make it happen.

Is our friendly competitor, Celticsblog,  finally up and running yet? I heard they had a major meltdown this weekend. Not that I’d wish a virus or anything like that on our sworn enemy. I hope they get things worked out for the draft. If not, you can be sure that Redsarmy will be fully staffed.

So… What About Pau?
June 19, 2007

Phoenix is now asking for my left testicle along with a few starters and picks for Shawn Marion… so I’m slightly less excited about the possibility of THAT deal happening (although they are actively looking to move up in the draft)

Pau Gasol in a Celtics uniformThe Celtics and Minnesota have, in fact, engaged in discussions for Kevin Garnett.  But those talks haven’t gone anywhere yet… and I’m not sure any real deal can be made to bring KG here without giving up Al Jefferson or Paul Pierce. 

So that brings us to Memphis… and our old buddy and new Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace... and the rumors you have to believe are about to emerge. 

The Gasol-to-the-Celtics rumors were hot during the season.  I know Danny had Wallace on a short leash… but he had to at least be privvy to the conversation that was going on.  Now that Chris is in Memphis… and now that they know they’ve got the 4th pick… do you think Memphis would be open to a Theo and the 5th pick for Gasol deal? 

There has been increasing chatter that Atlanta is in love with Al Horford (scheduled to work out in Boston on Friday)… and Memphis will fill its hole at point guard with Mike Conley at #4.  Give them the 5th pick and they can add Brandan Wright to fill the power forward slot vacated by Pau.  Suddenly, Memphis has Conley, Rudy Gay, and Wright as a young (cheap) core for the future and cap flexibility.  Meanwhile, the Celtics get a veteran who doesn’t seem to have a need to dominate the ball and can handle the high post. 

This can also keep other tradeable pieces available for a second deal, perhaps to move Wally’s contract and help shorten the rotation, during the offseason (maybe something with Utah for Kirilenko?… or maybe not). 

Yes, I’m just vamping… and abusing trade-checkers like a retarded WEEI caller (I know, redundant)… but the possibilities are out there.

For those of you interested in the full list of early-entry college players that are staying in the draft, and going back to school… here it is.

kobe and his wifeKobe Bryant Is A Douchebag, Part 3

Well… until someone who buys this video posts it on YouTube or something, we won’t be able to see it without paying $2.  Yep… $2… which I will happily spend.  If you want to do the same, you can go to and check out their preview clip (an NSFW half of a sentence) and then send them an email.  Who knows how long it will take for them to send out the clip (said to be 24 second long)… but that tape WILL make it out to the public…. someday.

Despite this video… and his petulent demands… Phil Jackson still thinks Kobe will be a Laker.  That oughta be fun.  I hope Andrew Bynum levels him with a pick on the first day… and on the second day… and every day until Kobe starts crying.  Or until Kobe rapes him… because one or the other will happen.