“He should be the best player in the league this year”
October 27, 2007

paul pierce and kevin garnett

 Read a critical piece on the Celtics, and you will inevitably read  the speculation that Paul Pierce is the weak link in this chain of stars.  He’s supposed to be the guy that gets jealous of Kevin Garnett.  Well… Celtics haters aren’t going to like this:

“He should be the best player in the league this year I think,” said Paul Pierce. “Kevin is tremendous. You want to play through Kevin. The way he passes the ball, the way he dribbles the ball, his low-post presence – it’s going to open up things for everybody else. It’s phenomenal some of the things he can do.”

Doesn’t sound like a guy who’ll get jealous, does it? In fact…. it sounds like a guy who’s ready to take advantage of the opportunities KG will present.

In that piece, Pierce also goes on to declare Boston the best sports city in America.  He’s a smart guy.  The Globe has photographic proof  (I love photo #6).  It also says Tony Allen probably won’t get a contract extension.    Also… there won’t be any punishment in that little scuffle with the Knicks.  Ian Thomsen think the Pistons will beat the Celts in the Eastern Conference finals (2nd page).  The Celtics hope success is contagious.   Hey… check out Kevin Durant getting leveled by… nothing.

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Triple Threat
October 27, 2007

kevin garnettKevin Garnett almost had a triple-double at halftime.  He did have one by the time the final buzzer sounded in the Celtics 114-89 win over Cleveland in their final preseason game.  (Box Score  |  Recap).  Before the game, the players all found a note in their lockers saying “Cleveland is the defending Eastern Conference champion.  Let’s send a message!!!!”  KG finished the game with 21 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists.  Ray Allen added 20 for the C’s.  7 C’s scored in double figures.

Two stats stand out:  The Celtics had 34 assists.  Cleveland had 16.  The C’s shot 59% as compared to Cleveland’s 42.5%. 

So the Celtics moved the ball a lot… and got easy shots… which pushes up the assists and fg percentage.  Cleveland didn’t move the ball well, relied more on some individual play and took bad shots. 

Other notes: 

  • Glenn Davis played 13 minutes.  Leon Powe played 3.  Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn commented often about how Big Baby has jumped Leon on the depth chart… especially when it comes to replacing Kendrick Perkins in games. 
  • Of all the players who took more than one shot last night… only Paul Pierce shot less than 50% (5-11).  He did have 6 assists… tied with Rajon Rondo for 2nd on the night.
  • Kendrick Perkins was the only starter who didn’t play at least 31 minutes.

Tonight Is Big
October 26, 2007

Ok Celtics…

Everyone is taking a little breather from the Red Sox… who are taking the day off before resuming their sweep of the Rockies. 

This is your last preseason game.

We’re all watching.  Perk knows:

“This game tomorrow is going to be big for us,” Perkins said of the last preseason game. “We need to come out with a win, work on execution, and keep our turnovers down.”

That’s from Jessica Camerato’s latest training camp update.  Quick note on Jessica:  Don’t be shocked if she becomes Jackie MacMullan… and I mean that in a good way.  Get in on the ground floor now.

KG missed Perk… who sat out to nurse his sore hammy:

Asked how he liked playing center in Perkins’ absence, Garnett said, “Horrible. Horrible. But I’ll do whatever Doc (Rivers) wants me to do. I’ve never been opposed to anything. But as much of a mismatch as I try to be, (Knicks center) Eddy Curry was a battle. It’s no cupcake, no cheesecake, no cakewalk into the park when you’re playing against him.

On GotGarnett: Part 2 of his Preseason spectacular

The Globe has more on the cuts  Vegas likes KG’s MVP chances  |  USA Today likes his fantasy chances 

Big, Baby
October 23, 2007

tony allenSo who will take over when Garnett, Pierce, and Allen are gone?  Tonight it was Glen Davis…. who put up 21 points and 6 boards in the C’s 82-71 loss to the Nets.

The other big story in this:  Tony Allen played 42 minutes.  The good news:  he managed to flash some of his leaping ability… which means his knee is coming along.  The bad news:  He shot 2-15 and turned the ball over 6 times. 

Next up:  Cleveland on Friday… which has been characterized as a dress rehearsal.  So no more of this 4 starters sitting stuff.  Consider Friday’s game to essentially be the first game of the season.  Hopefully Cleveland counters with a dress rehearsal of its own… so we can see how we match up against last years sacrificial lamb Eastern Conference Champs. 

“Absolute Mayhem”
October 20, 2007

mayhem at the DCU center

It seemed like a good idea…

The Celtics had to cancel the 2nd half of their game because of condensation on the floor.  That makes sense.  Then Celtics said they’d sign autographs to make up for a lack of 2nd half.  Loyal reader, and Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriend, Tim tells us how it all went:

Absolute mayhem. I honestly cannot describe nor comprehend the ridiculousness of what happened tonight. Me and my buddies had some nose-bleed seats so at halftime we went down to the lower level looking to steal some seats. We get all the way down to the second row before getting kicked out. As we walk back up we hear the PA guy announce that the game was being called off but that the guys would stick around for an autograph session. At this point everybody EVERY SINGLE PERSON SPRINTS TOWARD THE COURT. Little kids are being stepped on, grown men are crawling on the ground trying to go under the massive crowds to get closer to the players. The players all sit down at a table, waiting to sign autographs, and I manage my way to within an armslength of Ray Allen, with KG and Paul seated to his left. But at this point the idiots running the DCU center finally realize this situation is probably ten times more dangerous for the players than the floor was so I begin to be smothered by the fattest security guard you’ve ever seen. I was doing everything I could to get Ray to sign my Pierce Inglewood High School Jersey, such as shouting out “Ray, He Got Game is the greatest movie of all-time. You out-acted Denzel hands down. On a scale of 1-10 to ten, how hot were those chicks in the movie.” He was trying so hard to supress a laugh. But then some minor fights inevitably broke out in the crowd and security rushed the players out after about 5 minutes. So Chuck, when you say the guys signed a ton of autographs, you really couldn’t be farther from the truth, and the situation was completely mishandeled on every level. But anyways, best $28 I’ve ever spent.

Actually… for Worcester… this was a good night.  Hell… there were only 6 arrests! More on the mess in the Herald, Globe and from Scott Souza.

Atlantic Division Preview

Chuck and I have put our heads together to preview the entire Atlantic Division.  Basically… things look good for our C’s. 

Links:  Pruitt making a point (and the search for nicknames continues)  |  Celtics SportsCenter ad photo gallery  |  C’s at Mohegan Sun tonight 

“Let’s not go sucking each others ***** just yet”
October 19, 2007

winston wolfDammit all if Doc Rivers ain’t the voice of reason.

“First of all, we’re 0-0. We haven’t won a game.  I told [the team] we broke the rules on a ton of little things. We are not going to be a good team if we don’t do the little things. Even if that was a regular season game, and we won like that [I wouldn’t be satisfied],” he concluded. “If we break the rules that we broke yesterday when it is a big game, we couldn’t win that game.”

Say what you will about Doc… he’s right on this.  It doesn’t mean that you or I shouldn’t be happy with what we’ve seen.  We’re fans… we get to be irrational about the team.  Doc, on the other hand, is driving a chariot full of horses… and if he lets them get out of control now… he’ll never reach the finish line.

Loy’s Place star FLCeltsFan also questions whether we’re celebrating too early

No if you’ll excuse me… I have to go punch myself in the face.  No matter how good a point Doc made… he should never be compared to Winston Wolf… maybe the coolest character in movie history.  I suppose I could delete the picture and the reference… but I’m too lazy.  I also don’t believe in the backspace key.  It’s against my religion.  DON’T REPRESS MY BELIEFS, DAMMIT!

Also… get ready to see a lot of our back ups.  The team has 4 games in the next 5 days… and you won’t see everyone in all of those games:

“Of those four games, Ray (Allen), Paul (Pierce) and Kevin (Garnett) may only play in two of those games each – maybe two-and-a-half,” Rivers said.

Links:  Camerato:  Celtics reclaiming the Garden  |  Herald-Vets have C’s energized.  |  Globe:  Pruitt holds the Mayo  | Suns beat C’s for title… in NBA Live ’08  |  Reggie Miller joins TNT  |  SI:  Things can only get better for the NBA 

And how about that Josh Beckett?  That guy is money.  What a weekend this is going to be.

josh beckett

It’s Just Different
October 18, 2007

paul pierce and kevin garnettThe way we write.  The stuff you read.  The games we’re watching.  The atmosphere on Causeway street. 

It’s all different. 

It’s different for us… for the local writers… for all you fans… and for the new players:

“Crazy,” Garnett said of last night’s experience, complete with a teeming crowd of 17,506 that fell just 1,018 short of a sellout. “Paul (Pierce) kept telling us about the atmosphere here. It was going to be off the chain, we knew that. We’ve played here before, but as the opposition.

“I didn’t know it was going to be like this for a preseason game. We’re looking forward to a regular season game. It was a great atmosphere, a great basketball atmosphere.”

It’s something Chuck and I tried to grasp in our post-game 4th quarter call in show last night (sorry again about that).  The players got a taste of it last night.  There is no doubt… the buzz is back.  In the Globe: Garnett & Allen wow the crowd.  Souza Sez:  Causeway for Excitement.

It’s like we spent the past 20 years in a bad marriage… and now we’ve met someone that loves and respects us.  I’m not sure we know quite how to handle it yet.  All I know is… I saw good basketball being played in the Garden… and it’s the guys in the white and green who were doing it.

Funny moment… courtesy of WBZ… KG and Ray Allen talk about getting lost on the way to the Garden

October 17, 2007

kevin garnettKevin Garnett and Ray Allen make their Boston debuts tonight.  Yes, it’s just a preseason game, but I can tell you already that the local news media will be making a big deal about this.  The Red Sox have the night off… and they won’t be paying much attention to the Pats until maybe Friday…. so the C’s have the spotlight all to themselves.

Remember to call in to our show after the game.  The show goes from 9:30-10:00.   Visit our show page to listen… and call (718) 508-9841 to join in.

More on tonight’s game in the Globe and Herald.  Paul Pierce thinks KG and Ray are in for something completely new tonight:

“I don’t think they have a clue, because when I look back and see the franchises they were playing for, I mean, not taking anything away from Milwaukee and Seattle and not taking anything from (Minnesota),” Pierce said, “but it’s a whole other level when you’re talking about the Boston Celtics and you’ve got the playoff run going – because of the history and because of the guys that you see in the stands that come back that made the history. But they’ll see it.”

And how about this… the Knicks respect us.  Funny… I don’t respect them.  Well… not the guy running the team anyway.  Which is why it’s time to repost Isaiah’s short bus:

isaiah thomas' short bus

October 16, 2007

esteban says... you're waivedLa gran temporada Celtics is going to go off without our buddy ESTEBAN!

The Boston Celtics waived center Esteban Batista on Tuesday as they trimmed their training camp roster to 16.

Batista signed as a free agent last month and appearaed in one preseason game, scoring seven points with five rebounds.

Well… I’m Sorprendido (I hope these google translations are accurate.  I don’t want to be coming out of the closet when I’m trying to express I’m surprised at this decsion… that’s for another time.).  As Scott Souza explains… The C’s are completely lacking size

But then Steve Bulpett makes this little mention in the Herald blog entry reporting the Batista move:

From all indications, Jackie Manuel and Dahntay Jones remain the most likely to go, barring any other moves (read: trades) the club could make

Trades?  It might have been just an off-hand comment… but one has to wonder what the C’s are going to do to add some size to the roster.  Maybe they’ll just go with Pollard, Powe and Davis.  If that’s the case, Perk had better learn to exercise some discipline against bigger players. 

One more note from Souza’s piece… this regarding Tony Allen:

Tony Allen has been deemed doubtful for tomorrow’s exhibition game against the Knicks at the Garden after being poked in the eye during Monday’s practice. He did not participate in today’s workout.

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Call In Show Tomorrow!!!
October 16, 2007

Slam magazine coverKevin Garnett makes his home debut tomorrow night as a Boston Celtic…. and we’re talking about it tomorrow night.  Just visit our show page at 9:30!!.  The call in number is (718) 508-9841. 

This will pretty much be our plan for the whole season.  I won’t say it will be after EVERY game… but we’ll do a quick half hour after most east coast games… usually at 9:30.  You’ll get a chance to call in… gloat (or vent)… and we’ll try to whip through as many calls as we can.  It should be a lot of fun.

Hey… KG is on the cover of SLAM!  Must be a career highlight for him.  Click on the photo for the whole piece.   Here… here’s an excerpt… try not to mess your pants:

SLAM: So you’re loving Boston…I guess we can say you’ve got a new girlfriend and things are working out pretty well for you?

KG: Yeah, my new girl is hot, she got all the curves, she can cook, she’s dynamic. And you know what’s crazy? I got people in other places that’s loving her, when last year she wasn’t really all that. She’s hot, she’s definitely hot.

kg is slam magazineWhere have I heard that before?  Oh.. that’s right… I pretty much said the same thing… back in August.  Me and KG… we’re pretty much the same guy… minus the good looks, charm, trancendant hoops skills and boatloads of money… but don’t worry KG… you’ll catch up someday.

Also today:  Dahntay Jones is “close” to making this team (also… Doc seems to really want to carry 14 players on this squad)  |  Celts prepping House for point job |  Preseason or not… the team is hyped for tomorrow  |  Chicago Tribune:  Pointing East  |  Yahoo! Atlantic Fantasy Preview… | …And their season preview  | TrueHoop:  Watching the Celtics very closely