March 1, 2009

We all hate the guy for his theatrics, but Rip Hamilton (25 pts, 9 assists, 6 reb) killed the Celtics today. Coupled with the fact that Ray Allen (10 pts, 2-1o FG) was a no-show and you get a 105-95 Pistons victory at the Garden.

The Celtics play was too streaky. They had strong runs to start the 3rd and 4th quarters but both times allowed Detroit to retake control of the game.

The Pistons shot too many free throws (34-40). And this had nothing to do with poor officiating.

Paul Pierce (26 pts, 11-20 FG) and Glen Davis (18 pts, 6 reb) carried the offensive load. As a team the Celtics shot 2-14 from3 FG.

Pierce played 47 minutes, 42 seconds of this game. Doc is all talk when it comes to reducing Paul and Ray’s minutes. Why couldn’t Bill Walker get 10 minutes?

Stephon Marbury (12 minutes, 0 pts, 3 assists) had little impact. It was surprising to watch Will Bynum pick his pocket twice in the second quarter.

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Johnny Would Have Been Proud
January 31, 2009

This is awesome for old school guys like me.

All anyone else needs to know is that Johnny Most would practically be blowing Perk for giving the Pistons a taste of their own medicine.

God… I miss those days.

Perk’s Side of the Story
January 31, 2009

“I tried to foul him by hitting his arms, but he stuck his neck down,” Perkins said. “It was not like I wanted to hit him that hard. I never try to hurt anybody. I wanted to give him a hard foul and I closed my eyes, so I don’t know how I hit him. He pushed me in the back. I’ll face the consequences but I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.”

Perk says he wasn’t trying to hurt Maxiell and I believe him. Flagrant 2 foults are not automatic suspensions, and it’s not like Maxiell suffered a punctured lung. He bounced off the floor immediately. With that said, I fully expect Perk to miss tomorrow’s game against the T-Wolves. His reputation will secure the suspension.

The Celtics will likely be without their starting and backup (Scalabrine) centers. It will be fun watching KG square off against Jefferson. I expect Big Baby and/or Leon to bang with Craig Smith. For what it’s worth, the Lakers throttled the Wolves last night.

Considering the Celtics had won their last 7 by nearly 20 ppg, this game was fun. Although, I did think Doc went with Eddie (instead of Pierce) for too long in the 4th. The C’s have won their last 5 over the Pistons, taking some of the joy out of this rivalry. Don’t worry Detroit, you’ll be back in a few years.

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Like Old Times
January 30, 2009

Photo by D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

While the Celtics and Pistons mucked it up for 3 quarters, I fought hard to stay awake (Yes…I am that lame on a Friday night). Then it happened. Perk body slammed Jason Maxiell midway through the 4th. I awoke and so did the crowd at the Palace.

Perk was ejected for the flagrant 2. Once Maxiell got up off the floor, he started pushing everyone in a green jersey. But after Maxiell butchered the free throws, the Celtics seized the momentum and went on an 8-2 run (thanks to a couple of Big Baby hustle plays) to extend their lead to 11. Detroit clawed back, but the Celtics were the ones to make the key plays down the stretch:

Rondo fantastic lob to KG (22 pts, 8 reb, 2 blks) for a dunk with 2:20 left.

KG strips Rip Hamilton with 1:01 left and the Celtics up 5.

Paul Pierce (20 pts, 5 reb, 5 assists) drives and dishes to KG for a layup with :36 left…Celtics up 7.

Celtics 86 Detroit 78| Box Score | Recap

That kinda sparked us, the guys rallied around Perk.” – Paul Pierce after the flagrant foul

Who had the better Johnson?
January 23, 2009

This isn’t another John vs. Chuck thing.  I think the ladies of Emerson College circa 1994 know that I’m the clear winner there… although it was hard to hear what they really thought of Chuck over all the laughing.

No, this is about Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson… and our own Dennis Johnson.  Pete Marasmitch did a ton of research and said Vinnie was better.  I did exactly no research and I know the answer is DJ.

Head on over there and make the case for DJ.  I’m not saying spam the site… because it’s a good site.  I’m saying make a solid argument based on reason.  Contribute to the converstation… don’t embarrass Celtics fans or else I’ll ban you from here.

Winning the ‘Ship = Swagger
November 21, 2008

WEEI’s Jessica Camerato has a great blog on the Celtics swagger.

There are those who understand it … like someone who’s been there before and can appreciate the pride of defending a title….

“You’re always going to have that [swagger], no matter who it is,” he (Rasheed Wallace) said. “Whenever you win that ‘ship, you’re going to come in the next season with a swagger that’s out of this world. We had it, Miami had it the year they won it, teams have it. You got to. If you don’t, there’s something wrong.”

Well put ‘Sheed.

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Pistons Got Rondo’d
November 20, 2008

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Rajon Rondo (18 pts, 8 assts) played his game to perfection tonight against the Pistons. He routinely sliced his way through the Detroit defense and either drove to the hoop or passed to an open teammate. He even nailed a 3-pointer. Oh yeah, he also had 3 steals and harassed Allen Iverson.

The bench, specifically Tony Allen and Eddie House, helped break this game open with a 28-point 2nd quarter. It was clear Detroit wanted no part of this fight. Down 9 at the half, Rasheed and friends came out flatter than the Olsen twins. At one point in the fourth, the Celtics lead reached 27.

The Celtics are now 4-0 against their supposed contenders in the East – Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto.

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Will Lakers Fans Shut Up Now?
November 15, 2008


The Lakers lost to the Pistons… a team the Celtics have beaten.  Now I’m going to my impression of a Lakers fan, in our comments:

ohh u lost to them??  we beat them ez.  U sukkkk!!!  ha ha ha.

Now, all you little kids run home now.  This is where the big boys play.

MVB: Most Valuable Bench
November 10, 2008

Associate Press Photo

Associate Press Photo

When is the last time you heard someone talking about James Posey around here? 

I haven’t heard it since the preseason, when the loss of PoZ was supposed to signal the demise of the defending champs.  But no one is talking much about him because our bench has been awesome.  And it’s not just one guy pitching in.  It’s all of them.  Anyone who comes in is contributing.  Even last night when Tony Allen picked up Paul Pierce’s slack… it was Eddie House who provided a spark in the first quarter by nailing a 3, setting up another, and drawing Allen Iverson’s second foul. 

So while our starting five is full of MVP’s… you can call our second unit the MVB.

Think of the Celtics like that cop-thing from Terminator 2.  Every time part of it goes away, the rest of it melts together to fill the gap.  Paul Pierce hit the bench in the first quarter with three fouls, and Tony Allen checked in with 23 points on 11-16 shooting.  The starters struggle with their jumpers, and House comes in with instant offense.  Detroit was hitting the boards early, and Leon Powe comes in to keep them at bay. 

I don’t know if “MVB” is it, but we need to come up with a nickname for our second unit.  I’ve seen a couple floating around in our comments… so let’s throw a few together and see what we can get.  Maybe we’ll make a T-shirt out of it.

Take a few minutes today to cruise through the latest Carnival of the NBA.  You’ve got a few dozen links to some great blogs out there. 

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November 9, 2008

Wow. Now that was embarassing. Allen Iverson makes his debut in Detroit and the Pistons get their asses smacked by the Celtics. At what point do Pistons fans realize this team is going nowhere? We know Joe Dumars waved the white flag on this season with the Billups/Iverson trade, but does most of Detroit know that? Judging by the boos raining down in the Palace, the answer might be yes. The Celtics put on a defensive clinic. Rasheed, Iverson and the Bitch (my new nickname for Rip Hamilton) gave up on this one in the 3rd quarter. Had the C’s not gotten sloppy in the fourth, this would have been a 40-point blowout. Here are my favorite stats from the game:

  • Rip Hamilton: 0-8 FG, 3 pts
  • Allen Iverson: 4-11 FG, 10 pts
  • Rasheed Wallace: 4-17 FG, 10 pts

Tony Allen was fantastic on both ends of the court: 23 pts, 11-16 FG, 5 reb, 2 steals

Are Mason’s pre-game antics still cool even when everyone knows the Pistons are pretenders?

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