Brandon Roy Misses Shootaround
December 30, 2008

Marc Spears reports

PORTLAND — Blazers guard Brandon Roy (hamstring) did not participate in the team’s shootaround this morning, while center Greg Oden (ankle) did participate.

Both are still listed as questionable for tonight’s game against the Celtics.


Roy and Oden Might Miss C’s Game
December 29, 2008

Marc Spears reports:

Blazers center Greg Oden sprained his left ankle while coming down on teammate Shavlik Randolph’s foot at practice today in Portland. Oden received X-rays yesterday and is a game-time decision for tomorrow’s game against Boston in Portland. Blazers guard Brandon Roy has a right mild hamstring strain and is a game-time decision, too. The 2008 All-Star was injured last Saturday against Toronto and didn’t practice today.

Why Boo Oden?
December 6, 2008

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

It was one of the most peculiar things I’ve seen in a while at the Garden.  I was sitting in the section directly behind the basket near the Blazers’ bench.  So when they were introduced… Greg Oden was right there.

And when Oden was introduced… he was booed.  Then we he sat after fouling out… he got razzed with the “OOOO- DEN… OOOOO – DEN” chants.

But… why?  I know he’s on the other team so it’s not like we’re gonna cheer the guy.  But I am thoroughly confused by the booing.

What did he ever do?  Did he fix the lottery?  Secretly remove the Celtics ping pong balls?  And wasn’t losing the lottery ultimately the BEST thing that happened to this team?  If we had won, there’d be no KG or Ray (presumably).  And Oden was always gracious about possibly joining the C’s.

I’m at a loss.  Can anyone explain why he’d be such a target?

Now THIS Will Be A Test
December 5, 2008


I’m psyched to pack up the Red’s Army Blog-o-tron 3000 and head to the Garden tonight.  It’s a matchup between the two hottest teams in basketball (Portland is on a 6 game winning streak), and it’s a potential statement game for the Blazers.  All 6 of their losses have come on the road… but they’re coming off wins in Washington, NY and Detroit.

The key to tonight’s game will be the bench.  The C’s bench, which was awesome early, has sucked lately.  It won’t help that Tony Allen is probably out tonight.  Sergio Rodriguez and Rudy Fernandez have been playing well on this trip.  Travis Outlaw can be hit or miss.  I don’t fear Channing Frye or Joel Pryzbilla.

If the C’s don’t find a way to contain the Blazers’ second unit, this is going to be a tough one.  I’m also interested to see how the C’s play Brandon Roy.  I’ve become a huge fan of his… and at 6’6″, 211… he’s gong to be a tough cover.  Do you put Rondo on him and hope he can force Roy to stay outside?  Do you put Ray on him and have Rondo help?  I’m going with Ray on Roy… and we can count on the C’s rotations to keep him in check.  I don’t like it, because it’s going to give LaMarcus Aldridge a little more room… which could be a killer.

And of course… there’s Greg Oden (who will always be special to us).  I think people need to cut him some slack.  What do you expect from a guy who left after his freshman year, only to miss his first year to an injury?  Of course he’ll be inconsistent.  We need more than 20 games to make a judgement on him.

So this is a great game to go to (thanks Phil!).  While I’m gone, Chuck will be going through his usual game-watching routine… watching the game with his cat.

Interesting links out there:  Rich Levine asks on Comcast Sportnet… says Doc Rivers is misusing Rajon Rondo.  And Jeff on CelticsBlog notices the improving offense of Kendrick Perkins.

And here’s that full Paul Pierce article from SI.  I encourage checking it out.

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He’s BACK!
August 13, 2008

Rajon Rondo has emerged from this blogging cocoon.  He’s been pretty busy since the championship… and he’s only just started working out again:

Last week, I was in Boston. I went to Boston after I left Houston and stayed for a week. I mainly went to work out. I hadn’t picked up a ball since we won, and I figured I needed to jump start my training. I just went and lifted and shot by myself for the most part. I needed to see what shape my body was in. Btw..I’m in pretty good shape.

By the way, the trip to Houston was to “chill with Perk.” 

He had a party down there, and me and my girl went down for the weekend. We had a good time. I hadn’t seen Perk since the ESPYs, so it was good to catch up with him. We didn’t do much…just chilled really. The party that he had was coo. I think ima go back down there before the season starts.

That’s it… I’m writing a buddy comedy that will star Rondo and Perk.  I think the possibilities are endless.  They’re tight enough where I think they’d do it. 

Rondo runs down his whole offseason so far… camps, Vegas, Houston, Louisville.  The details from Vegas are non-existent… which is too bad… because we know they tore it up. 

Also tearing it up LeBron James… to no music, either.  And Greg Oden feels good after his first post-surgery workout.

Oden Is An Idiot
March 28, 2008

It’s been six months since Greg Oden had microfracture surgery on his knee. Since he’s considered the next-greatest center, Portland is being extremely cautious with his rehab. Too bad Oden isn’t doing the same. Despite the fact the team has cleared him to only participate in light drills, Oden decided to play in two pick-up games at a fitness center the other night:

We heard about that, and I talked to him today,” coach Nate McMillan said. “I let him know he can’t do that.”

“I know he is excited to be moving again, but as I talked to him about it he said ‘Coach, I promise I wasn’t running hard …’. And I was like — ‘I really don’t care’,”‘ McMillan said. “The thing is, we were surprised. So we let him know that he doesn’t need to be there. We have plenty of workout equipment and gym space at our facility.”

After Oden took part in two pickup games Wednesday night, one of the participants went home and posted an account on the Internet. By Thursday morning, word had gotten back to the Blazers, who were in Oakland, Calif., for a game against Golden State. McMillan said he then called Oden.

He’s also banned from allowing chicks to grind their ass up against him. I just can’t get enough of that picture.

These Guys Are Coo
September 14, 2007

rajon rondoI love Rajon Rondo more and more every day.  He’s back in Boston… and getting to know his new teammates.

I’m back in Boston now…and I’ve officially met everyone on the team. These guys are coo. I didn’t know what to expect at first because these are All-Stars that I’m playing with, but everyone is really coo and down to earth. We all have been chillin with each other and our team chemistry seems to be great.

I’m telling you… these guys live the life.  Playing spades at Paul Pierce’s house?  Big team golf trips.  Yes, I’m jealous. 

So now that you’ve had a day to digest the fact that Greg Oden… the guy who inspired us to launch a whole new section of this website…. is done for the season… don’t you feel good about our chances?  Scott Souza makes this point… if we got him and this happened… we’d feel cursed.  But everything actually worked out for us.  You can’t help but think our luck is turning around. 

Paul PierceThe C’s were hanging out at the Beckett Bowl last night… ANOTHER cool thing pro athletes get to do… bowl with other pro athletes. 

Tony Maz:  Boston is the hub of the sports universe.  He’s right…..

The C’s are loaded…. the Red Sox have a real shot at winning it all… the Patriots are about to turn this whole spying thing into motivation to blow people out… Boston Rules.

(as a slight aside:  This whole Pats camera thing is going to work in our favor.  The Pats came into this season loaded… and they couldn’t pull their usual “us against the world” crap.  Now, however, with everyone going overboard and saying this camera thing somehow taints everything they’ve done…. they’ve got back.  Now, the whole team can say “they don’t think we can do it.”  The “us against the world” sentiment is back… which is bad news for the NFL)

Breaking News: Oden Could Miss Season
September 13, 2007

Greg Oden certainly isn’t smiling today. In fact, most Blazers fans must feel like they just stepped into a pile of dog crap. That’s because Oden had microfracture knee surgery and could will miss the season. Yup, that Greg Oden. The guy we wanted to tank the season for. 

 “Greg had an arthroscopy and a microfracture surgery today,” team physician Dr. Don Roberts, who preformed the surgery, said in a statement posted on the Trail Blazers’ Web site. “He was found to have articular cartilage damage in his right knee. The area of injury was not large and we were able to treat it with microfracture, which stimulates the growth of cartilage.”

All the stimulation of cartilage means this:

Oden is expected to be on crutches for up to eight weeks. Full recovery likely will take six to 12 months, the team said.

Just think about this for a second. The dude was expected to come in and be a dominant player. Not only is he done for the year, but he won’t be the same next season. This is a big deal, just ask Amare Stoudemire. It took him two years to recover. 

The Celtics luck might finally be changing after all. Can you imagine how despondent we’d all be, had we actually drafted Oden? (Think Mikey in “Swingers”, hunkered down in the apartment, shades drawn, buffalo wings scattered around the carpet.) All I can say is, “Sucks to be you Portland!”

(A special thanks to the always plugged-in Jessica Camerato for giving Redsarmy the scoop on this story – Check out her take on the injury.)

Operation Oden
September 11, 2007

greg odenI know I floated the whole “maybe getting the 5th pick was lucky” thing when that pick got flipped into Ray Allen… which ultimately got us Garnett…


Greg Oden is having arthroscopic surgery this week because of pain in his knee.  Can you  imagine what Boston would be like if we had the #1 pick… and Oden has missed the preseason because of tonsilitis and knee surgery.  Don’t you think we’d be reading Bill Simmons’ obituary by now?  Making it worse… this thing could be as bad as a torn ligament

By the way… did you know Greg is actually dating the girl in this picture? 

Anyway.  While people would be going insane over Greg’s knee problem, we’re somehow optimistic about Tony Allen’s completely reconstructed knee.  In fact, he’s been cleared to play

“(Allen’s) been cleared to play and do everything on the court,” said Ainge, in a phone interview. “We’ve been totally conservative. It takes time to get the confidence back. You worry about significant injuries, but I’m optimistic for Tony.”

And Don David Stern has honored us with his blessing of the Kevin Garnett trade.  I guess screwing us in the lottery was punishment enough… now he’s happy for us.  But God help us if we screw up again.  We might end up with a horse’s head in our bed… or maybe Jerry Sichting’s.

Greg Oden Explains This Picture
July 13, 2007

Greg Oden freaking some chickIn what can only be described as 9 minutes of perhaps the greatest athlete interview ever… the FanHouse’s Miss Gossip gets Greg Oden to explain what was going on in this picture

Let me explain something here:  This picture was taken when Greg was like 16 years old.  If a girl who looked like that freaked me like that when I was 16… well… let’s just say I wouldn’t have looked that cool in the picture.  It probably would have looked more like me needing a change of pants.  Kudos Greg for showing NBA level poise with a groupie at 16.  You’ll do just fine on the road. 

They also talk about his Yarkbarker Blog… and blah blah blah….

Look… it’s Friday… you’re not doing any real work anyway… kill 9 minutes of your time and wach the damn interview. 

Now If Only Someone Can Explain The “Boston is Racist” Notion.

Doc Rivers can’t. He’s been here for a little while.  Last I checked… he’s black.  And I might be wrong here… but  I think we’ve got a couple of black players on the team.  Yet for some dumb reason… players use the “Boston is racist” excuse to say they don’t want to come here.  Doc tells Steve Bulpett he has no clue why that’s the case:

“What’s more important is that most of the guys who have come here want to stay. To me, that’s important. Those are the guys who actually know what the situation is. I mean, did Antoine Walker want to leave? No. Paul Pierce wants to be a Celtic for life. Gary Payton we traded away and he begged to get back. Allen Iverson wanted to come to Boston. So that doesn’t sound like a place with a race problem to me.

Doc is actually pretty good in this piece.  I’m not going to be… yes, this is a rant alert… which will commence after the jump.  This half of the post has been so much fun… I don’t want to sully it with a race-based tirade. The links after the jump too… (more…)