New Public Enemy #1
April 21, 2009

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Man, Joakim Noah is one really hate-able guy.  Part of it is because of his histrionics out on the court.  Part of it is, well, he’s REALLY ugly.  And part of it is his histrionics on the court (those REALLY bother me). I mean, what’s he doing here… is he really going after Kendrick Perkins?

It makes it easier to hate him when he plays well for Chicago… and he’s playing well.  He’s blocking shots and rebounding… making him very annoying for a Celtics fan.  There’s nothing more infuriating than playing good defense and then having someone like Noah come in and get the tip back.

The big talk for Chicago has been Derrick Rose’s game 1 and Ben Gordon’s game 2.  But it’s really been guys like Noah, and Tyrus Thomas, that have been killers for the C’s.  Every time the C’s started to make a little run, one of those guys would step up and do something that kept the Celtics from shaking the Bulls (Thomas and Noah combined for 10 blocks).

So some of this might be bitterness.  And maybe I’d like him if he played for me.  But right now, I hate Joakim Noah.


Separated At Birth
June 29, 2007

joakim noahsideshow bob

Honestly… WTF is Joakim Noah wearing.  I’d beat up a dad at Target if he brought his son in for pictures in that get-up. 

 Hey Joakim… you know… you’re going to be pretty rich.  You could have borrowed nice suit and paid the tailor back later.  You didn’t have to go all Andre 3000 on us.

Paul Wants Help… Now
June 26, 2007

paul pierce pimpin'A lot of you faithful readers are young, virile studs who spend their Friday nights at clubs and your Saturdays figuring out how to make the escape from your new “friend’s” apartment.  So you might not understand what the rest of us… um… seasoned veterans understand.  When the wife wants something done around the house, she knows how to exert just enough pressure to make you do it.  The neighbors will think “wow, that guy is handy… he’s always working on his house”… but you know you’re more interested in making your life comfortable than making your house look good.  Which leads me to this:

Here’s the problem for Ainge: According to a league executive, Paul Pierce has finally told team management that unless the Celtics come out of this week with a talented veteran co-star for him, they should expect him to make a public declaration soon after Thursday’s draft that he wants a trade.

“Danny is under tremendous pressure, from inside and outside, to get a deal for someone done this week,” one league executive said.

If you’re counting at home, that’s 2 stories about Pierce threatening a trade demand.  Tick tock, Danny… tick tock.

I’d like to welcome the Globe to the Celtics offseason.   Thanks for showing up.  Shira Springer updates on the trade that will probably never happen… partly because Jermaine O’Neal wants to slap Danny Ainge.

Steve Bulpett says we shouldn’t read into Danny and Doc being at the Phoenix workouts… but I still say there is something there.  Phoenix is going to make a trade into the top 10 or else this workout wouldn’t even be happening.  Meanwhile, the KG deal isn’t dead yet… but Chad Ford says he’s willing to bet KG is a Sun… and they just happen to have the #7 pick… which might explain the Phoenix workouts.

 Other stuff:

Globe: This draft class has personality  |  Peter May’s top 5 by position  |  FoxSports’ “what if the NBA let high schoolers in” draft  |  Does Danny want Yi and Doc want Green?  |  Rashard Lewis to Orlando?

Danny Is In Phoenix
June 25, 2007

I’m not a math guy.  Numbers confuse and frighten me.  But there’s a 2 and a 2 in this story somewhere… and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna equal 4. 

Here are the facts:

Danny Ainge is in Phoenix to attend a workout at the Phoenix Suns facility.  That workout includes Jeff Green, Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah. 

Now here’s the digging:

Agents don’t let players work out for teams that don’t have a chance at drafting them… especially a couple of days before the draft.  It’s a waste of time, and these players risk getting injured.  Noah, Green and Brewer are top 10 talent.  Phoenix doesn’t have a top 10 pick.  Their pick is at 24.  So why the hell are top 10 players working out for a team that can’t even come close to selecting them?  Unless….

There’s no official “rumor”… and the Suns have sworn that they’re “not going to select 5th”… but why the hell is Danny Ainge going to see guys who have already worked out for him?  One theory is that these guys are going to be in a competitive setting and Danny is calling in a favor so he can get a look.  That, in the very least, seems to mean that Danny is looking at these 3 guys for the C’s and now he’s trying to make a decision.

But I don’t like that scenario.  What I see is a team with the #24 pick working out 3 guys with #5 potential… and the team that owns the #5 pick just so happens to be in town.  Stay tuned.

Break Out The Brooms
June 13, 2007

See ya LeBron. You and the Cavs had a nice run, but the Finals are over. If there’s one athlete on the planet who should walk into the G.M.’s office and demand help (i.e. quality players and a coach with a clue), it’s LeBron.

Enough about them, are you enjoying our creative response to the Sopranos finale? David Chase goes with a black screen for 7 seconds, so we fire off a blank white page for 36 hours! Take that. Actually our team of engineers (John) is still working feverishly (he packed up his speedo and left the Cape) on our technical difficulties.

As for the Celtics, there’s not much going on. Although Rashard Lewis’ name has surface in trade rumors for the 5th pick. Here’s some other workout stuff courtesy of our friends at WBZ.

Joakim Noah Talks After Workout

Danny Ainge On Wright and Noah