Why Kevin McHale Is A Bad GM
December 18, 2008

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

I’m on record:  I hate that Kevin McHale is now a joke in the NBA.  But when he does things like blame bloggers for the spate of coach firings, it’s kinda easy to see why.

“I think you’re going to see more and more shorter term stuff in our league,” he said. “Just because the access now, there’s so much media availability and everything else. There’s just so many bloggers; everybody’s got an opinion. There’s all kinds of stuff going on. Sometimes that starts forming the opinion of people in front offices, too, and owner. It’s been kind of a crazy year so far.”

If Kevin McHale lets morons like me influence his opinion on who will stay and who will go, then he needs to be banned from every front office forever.  If I’m an owner, and I’m hear McHale say bloggers start forming the opinion of people in front offices… then I’m not even calling him for an interview.

Being a GM means you tune all that crap out.  You don’t listen to the fans and their overreactions.  You don’t read the columnists who will often take bombastic approaches just to sell papers or drive ratings.  As a GM, you evaluate your coach and your talent based on everything you see… and everything fans and columnists don’t get to see.  If you’re letting the bloggers and writers influence your opinion… then you’re a horrible GM.  And if your owner is the one reading that stuff… you need to have the sack, and intelligence, to explain to him that the fans and writers are wrong… and here’s why.

You’ll see a backlash today on the web as bloggers defend themselves… but the bigger issue is the tacit admission that general managers, perhaps McHale in particular, are influence by what we write.

Ugh, it kills me to write this stuff about such a pure Celtic.  Just kills me.

By the way:  What do all 6 fired head coaches have in common with Doc Rivers?  They all have the same agent… and Doc is the only head coaching client that agent has left that still has a team.

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Baron Davis Might Be A Total Idiot
December 8, 2008


Baron Davis has made about $80 million over his career so far.  He’ll make another $62 million or so over the 5 year contract he signed with the Clippers.

So why on earth would a man who will have earned at least $142 million over his career… do something like purposely get fat (fatter?) to make $250,000 from Jenny Craig?

The Clippers’ Baron Davis is getting paid $250,000 for endorsing a weight-reduction drink. The Clippers privately say that the weight Davis gained to do the endorsement accounted for his slow start. Having signed him to a five-year deal with $62.5 million guaranteed, you can see how they’re not very thrilled by that.

Is Davis a moron?  Is he a complete a-hole?  To purposely get fat for that little money… it’s mind boggling.

(Via Slam Online)

It’s official:  Minnesota has fired Randy Wittman and replaced him with Kevin McHale.  This is actually a demotion for Kevin… because he’s stepping down from his vice president of basketball operations job.  Tick tock, Kevin… tick tock.

I Don’t Want To Remember Kevin This Way
December 8, 2008


I’m begging someone to please make it stop.

I loved Kevin McHale.  He was awesome.  I mimicked his post moves in high school.  But as an executive………. ugh.

Now comes word that the Timberwolves are about to fire Randy Wittman… and make Kevin takeover as head coach.  And I just can’t take it anymore.  I don’t want to see Kevin fail anymore.  Please… someone… make it stop.

I prefer to remember him this way.

The All-Time Celtics Roster
July 8, 2008

Just a little something to spark up some discussion as we wait for the new salary cap number to come out today… and for free agency to open up tomorrow.

Don at With-Malice… who is a big Lakers fan (his all time team here)… has asked a few sites to put together their all-time rosters.  So here’s MY take. 


  • PG: Bob Cousey
  • SG: Paul Pierce
  • SF: Larry Bird
  • PF: Kevin McHale
  • C: Bill Russell

Paul Pierce at the 2 might be the most debatable position here.  There rest are all Hall of Famers at their respective positions… but Pierce serves as more of a slasher in this offense which would let Bird spot up more.  I think they’d compliment each other nicely.


  • G: Dennis Johnson
  • G: Sam Jones
  • G/F: John Havlicek
  • F: Tom Heinsohn
  • F: Dave Cowens
  • F/C: Kevin Garnett
  • C: Robert Parish

I tried for a mix of scoring and defense… plus a good mix of size on the bench.  Because Tommy Heinsohn is “Tommy” homer announcer… people don’t seem to realize just how good he was.  He’s a 6-time All Star who, at his peak, had a few years that he averaged about 20 and 10 a game.  His career playoff numbers:  19.8 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 2.1 apg.  He kicked ass.  Sam Jones finished in the top 5 of MVP voting twice… and had 4 season as a top 10 scorer in the NBA.  I think the others speak for themselves.  Do I even need to mention that Red is the coach?

Man, we’ve had some great players in Green!

Links:  Globe:  Red among those who needed FBI protection  (associated link:  The New England Files)  |  Truth is, Pierce still celebrating  |  Camerato: Summer league day 1 surprises  |  SI:  Beasley scores meaningless 28 in more meaningless summer league game  | ESPN:  Philly making a run at Brand?

Yes… Yes… IN THE FACE!!
April 21, 2008

leon powe

We’ve only played one game… and the Celtics already have one of the defining moments of the playoffs.  Its right there with the Tim Duncan 3… and the alley-oop to LeBron (and the subsequent ‘fight’).  The Powe dunk on everyone… followed by KG’s maniacal outburst is absolutely going to live on forever in the “2008 NBA playoffs” highlight reel (click all photos for full versions).

leon powe

leon powe & kevin garnett









 leon powe

 leon powe and kevin garnett

 Why do I get the feeling that right at this point, Leon Powe just wants KG to shut the hell up?  I mean… the look on Leon’s face in all these pictures is priceless.  I’ll bet his ear is still ringing.

I’m a little more impressed with the Celtics effort in this game than Chuck was because of all that led up to it.  Everyone would have easily made the “they haven’t played a meaningful game in 3 weeks” excuse to explain away a crappy game. 

But the C’s did what they do all year.  They ride hot hands… they play tough D… and then at halftime… they make a few adjustments and run away.  Atlanta is clearly outmatched here… and the only time any game of this series will ever be close… will be if the Celtics get lazy and sloppy.


The KG Effect: Better Sleep
February 29, 2008

The New York Times wanted to know what the real effect of Kevin Garnett was on these Boston Celtics.  To do that… they asked the coach, and the role players that were part of last year’s disaster.

The running theme in this piece… better sleep

Rajon Rondo: 

“Last year I was happy, too,” he says. “It was my first year in the N.B.A. We had cool teammates. But here’s the difference: This year, it’s less stressful. Losing 18 games in a row is very stressful. All you think about is how you can make this situation better or what else you can do. You lose so much more sleep. That’s the difference.”

Brian Scalabrine had an interesting quote about last year’s team:

 “I was not happy last year,” he says. “In society, they would say the way I felt was depressed. But in sports, it was just a situation where we had to turn things around. . . . The thing that really bothered me about last year’s team was the individualism during all the losses. Individual play was trumping the result of the game. If somebody went out and got 16 points in a loss, he would be like, ‘Hey, I got my 16.’ That was the culture of last year.”

And then Doc:

There are teams that have a huge advantage over us, and we can’t make that advantage up. We have to make it up in other ways. San Antonio, Detroit, Dallas — they’ve all been to the finals, and two of those teams have won it all. They’ve been in Game 7s and in team fights and in team controversies. We’ve haven’t been in any of that. We’ve been in nothing, and we can’t catch up to them in that regard. So chemistry kind of becomes everything for us. We never practice for the next day. We practice for the playoffs.”

Very interesting read.  Its clearly written for the more casual, non-Celtics fan… and there are a few, inconsequential errors in detail (like calling it the FleetCenter instead of the Garden)… but it’s a good read.  Doc even addresses the “McHale traded KG to Boston because he wants a job with the Celtics” conspiracy theory. (hat tip to TrueHoop for the link)

Things I Learned In Summer League
July 15, 2007

Yeah… it’s only a week… but it might as well be a lifetime.  You make so many new friends… you learn so many new things… you experiment with so many people in that dark spot underneath the pier.  Yeah… summer camp was great.

Oh… summer LEAGUE.  Yeah… you learn stuff there too.

I learned that Gerald Green is definitely not there yet.  It’s something we discussed in last night’s call in show… and it’s something that was brought up in today’s Herald.  He shot about 30% for the summer league.  That’s not good.

kevin mchale has put on a bit of weightI learned that Kevin McHale is a B cup now.  Either that, or he’s 6 months pregnant.  I guess that would make Danny the top and Kevin the bottom… which makes sense after hearing Kevin gush about the Ray Allen trade.

“He and (Paul) Pierce at the 2 and 3 are potentially as potent as any twosome in the Eastern Conference. The 2 and 3 are key positions in our league right now.. . . So they’re going to be strong at two positions you really need to be strong at to score in our league now.”

We happen to agree with Kevin.kevin mchale in his slimmer days  We’d just prefer to remember him as the hot-pants wearing power forward who had limbs like an orangutan but who’d torch you for 30. 

Peter May learned that Rajon Rondo is cleary the man at the point… and right now there is a pretty big drop off when Gabe Pruitt runs the show.

And the Celtics need assistant coaches… but not many of them want to come here.  This I don’t get.  Assistants are teachers too… especially with a young team.  It’s not ALL on the head coach to teach everyone.  Everyone knows that… right Danny.  Danny?

And did you know that Lance Allred is 75% deaf?  Yeah, me neither.  Now you do.

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My Head Is Spinning
June 25, 2007

The rumors continue to swirl out there and unfortunately, the Garnett to Boston for Jefferson and Co. is still alive. The Herald’s Steve Bulpett is on top of this. There’s still hope we can get Shawn Marion in a three-way deal with the Bulls and Suns, according to the Chicago Tribune. Apparently there isn’t such a big market out there for Marion, so his threat to opt-out is a weak one. For those who still think Kevin McHale is a good GM, check out this report about his interest in Ron Artest.

Former Boston College star Sean Williams continues to be an intriguing proposition. He’s gone from an early second-rounder to a late first-rounder.  Imagine if he was smart enough to stay out of trouble at BC.  Peter May has more.

Stay with us today, we’ll continue to sort all of these things out.

Was This A Big Set Up?
June 24, 2007

I’m not one to blindly report rumors, speculation and innuendo…. and by that I mean I do it all the time.  The NY Daily News drops a nice, juicy little bit of speculation today:

The Celtics’ reported offer didn’t so much as budge Taylor. So why did Ainge make it? Perhaps as a favor to McHale, his ex-Celtic teammate, who is trying to get Phoenix and other teams with more assets and potentially better offers (Chicago) to step up in the Garnett sweepstakes. What did Ainge get out of his little exercise? It made it look to Celtics fans as if he’s honestly trying to get a player who can turn his team’s sorry fortunes around.

Come on… really?  I don’t know if that’s true or not… but I’m going to counter that with an embarrassing picture of Kevin McHale in his 80’s shorty-shorts doing some sort of porn-star spread eagle pose.  Honestly… this picture looks like some sort of gay porn movie cover… I mean… if I knew what those looked like.

kevin mchale, robert parish and bill walton

Let The Trading Begin!
June 14, 2007

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m mildly retarded.  I ate paste like Rosie O’Donnel eats doughnuts.  Lucky for me, I can get by on my looks (if you get past the drool bib… you superficial jerk).  But even I am smart enough to figure out that when a guy averages around 10 points a game for 6 years… and then he suddenly breaks out for 20 in a contract year… something is amiss.

But Kevin McHale still gave Mike James $6 mil. a year after that one great season in Toronto… and then he watched Mike James dip to his lowest scoring average in 3 years.  Now Mike James is heading to Houston in exchange for Juwan Howard… in a trade that is sure to let Kevin Garnett know that the Wolves are trying to win now. 

Really… it hurts me to see McHale suck this bad… but there’s no doubt about it… he REALLY sucks as a GM.  Tim Duncan on the sporting news cover

Also hanging out there today… courtesy of the a-holes that brought you a photoshopped Tim Duncan in a Celtics uniform… is a similarly moronic mock draft.   Among the gems: Rajon Rondo isn’t really a point guard.  Umm… what?  What the hell is he then?  Not only is the statement that Rajon Rondo isn’t really a point guard completely false… there isn’t even another position out there for him.  The ONLY thing he can be is a point guard (unless he fixes his shot… but I digress).  The geniuses at the Sporting Snooze (see what I did there? It’s gold Jerry… GOLD!) have the C’s picking Jeff Green at #5. Because we’ve all be saying that the C’s need another swing man.  Do they even WATCH basketball over there?

The C’s will, however, be working Jeff Green out tomorrowThey looked at Spencer Hawes yesterday, and talked potential trade with the Sixers while they were at it.

Don’t forget our LIVE CALL IN SHOW TONIGHT at  8PM!!!  We’re going to be talking draft and potential trades.  We’ll be taking calls for an hour… and then we’ll go until we can’t talk anymore.  I know… riveting.