Ugly Win
March 23, 2009

Whats that smell? Oh...the Clippers.

What's that smell? Oh...the Clippers.

Despite a sub-par (I’m being kind) performance by the second unit, the Celtics dismantled the Clippers tonight – 90 77. KG played limited minutes (18) again, scoring 12 points on 5-5 FG.

After a 31-18 first quarter, the Celts looked like they were going to cruise to a 40 pt victory. But then the second unit decided to suck…really bad. They overpassed on nearly every possession. The Clippers made it a two point game (44-42) at the half.

The Clippers went cold in the 3rd and the Celtics (14-0 run) stretched the lead to double digits after back to back three point bombs by Ray and Pierce. The second unit actually held their own in the 4th quarter thanks to Eddie House (8 pts in 4th).

Another solid game by Perk – 12 pts, 13 reb.

Ray Allen had the stroke: 20 pts (8-10 FG, 3-3 3FG).

Big Baby made up for his 1-11 shooting with 4 steals. He was diving on the floor for just about every loose ball.

Paul Pierce had 9 pts on 3-7 shooting but most importantly – he played just 31 minutes.

Mikki Moore had another awful game – 19 mins, 0 pts, 1 reb, 5 fouls.

Box Score

Scott Souza has an injury update and Tony Allen might be back sooner than Leon Powe. Not good…


February 26, 2009

Did the Celtics just drop one against the Clippers?  Its true, the Celtics lost to the Clippers 93-91.  The worst thing is I stayed up past 1 am for another west coast loss.  Celtics struggled at the line shooting 22-32,  and coughed up 20 turnovers.  They were flat and showed the typical “tired” signs of a team at the end of a long road trip.  Rajon Rondo continues to struggle at the line where he shot 50% (4-8) and finishing the night with only 3 assists.  Pierce played through the dislocated thumb suffered in this game, and led the team in scoring with 20 points.   Rondo and Allen followed with 17 points each.  Zach Randolph put up big numbers leading all scorers with 30 points and grabbing 12 boards.  Marcus Camby also posted a double-double with 14 and 11. Mikki Moore performed as expected, playing 11 minutes with 4 points off the bench.  The C’s ended the 6 game road trip with a 4-2 record and were plagued with injuries during the west coast trip.  As previously mentioned, Paul Pierce left this game briefly with a dislocated right thumb.  Pierce did return and as the story goes, he will be re-evaluated in Boston.

Box Score | Recap


Luckiest Shot Ever
January 27, 2009

This shot (courtesy of happened in a high school basketball game in Oklahoma. The dude who made the shot doesn’t even crack a smile.

It’s quiet out there on the Celtics front, which is why I had to time to post these pictures of Jessica Alba at last night’s Clippers game.


How It Looked From Their Side
December 29, 2008


The Kings, shall we say, are not doing well this year.  Their only real notable win was beating the Lakers (note: ha ha).  But last night was a low point for them.

Hey, we’ve been there… and not all that long ago.  But in my opinion, the blogging is better when your team is bad.  It brings out emotions that are conducive to some pretty creative and expressive stuff.

In that vain.. I’d like to point out how last night’s game looked from their perspective.  Tom Ziller’s reaction on Sactown Royalty is simply: Ugh.

One King scored more than two FGs … and Donté Greene’s third FG came in the last minute. The high scorer drops a whopping 11 points — four Celtics scored at least that many. The Celtics blocked nine freaking shots — nine of 68 attempts.

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

And Basketball fiend has the 10 signs of a franchise-worst loss.

5) The local network’s cameraman does the Pan of Shame. This comes when the game is so completely bland that the cameraman resorts to a slow pan down the bench to show the viewers at home that the players on the bench feel worse than they do. Note to NBA cameramen: It ain’t working. We’re the ones who have to pay to watch this garbage. We win the “feeling worse” battle hands down. Cut it out with the PoS’.

Also out there:  Baron Davis might be angling for a trade back to Golden State.  You know… I think you might be able to say Elton Brand’s decision ultimately ruined 3 teams’ seasons.

Knicks De-Zekeing, Clippers Still Clippering
November 21, 2008

Ever pull out some old clothesline or rope and find it full of a million knots?  That’s pretty much what Donnie Walsh found when he inherited the Knicks from Isiah Thomas.  Donnie undid two of those knots by trading Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph in separate deals with the Warriors and Clippers.  In return, the Knicks are getting Al Harrington, Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas.

The deal doesn’t make the Knicks any better or worse… but they’ve all got contracts that are up before that magical 2010 season… so the deal makes sense from the Knicks perspective.  They’re not winning the title this year or next… so why not try to rebuild the right way?

My question for the Clippers is… why?  I can get why the Warriors pulled a deal for Crawford.  He fits their system better than Harrington.  It seems like both teams benefit.  The Clippers seem to have just done the Knicks a favor without really helping themselves.  Why would anyone take on Randolph’s contract?

One quick thought on that 2010 season:  Someone is gonna get screwed… hard.  It’s simple math.  More teams are preparing for that season than there are premium free agents available.  At least 2 or 3 teams will have spent the next few years getting ready for that off-season… and none of the big-name free agents will sign with them.  You know what that will lead to?  Overspending on the next tier of free agent and screwing their franchise over for years.  GM’s who miss out on LeBron or Wade will be desperate to make a splash… and next thing you know Andrei Kirilenko is getting way more money than he’s worth.

Who Was Worse?
October 8, 2008

Elgin Baylor should be saying thanks to Isiah Thomas… because Zeke has a firm grasp on the title of “biggest management disaster by an all time great player”

Or… does he?

After 22 years in the Clipper organization, Baylor is out as VP of Basketball Operations

The Clippers have been consistently bad over his entire reign.  But somehow, there was always a glimmer of hope.  With Isiah Thomas, there was never really any hope.  So the question is… who was the bigger disaster:  Elgin Baylor’s long-term, consistently bad but oddly hopeful reign in LA…. or Isiah Thomas’ short-term, spectacular blast of failure?

Camby A Clipper
July 15, 2008

The Clippers and their cap space have managed to steal Marcus Camby

Sources told that the Clippers will only have to surrender a future second-round pick to acquire Camby, who is being jettisoned into the Clippers’ salary-cap space vacated by Brand to generate payroll relief for the Nuggets

He’s not Elton Brand… but the ability to pick up Camby for almost nothing like that is a no-brainer.

Reports: Brand to Philly, Maggette to Golden St.
July 8, 2008

You think Baron Davis is regretting his move to the Clippers?  He commited to sign there thinking Elton Brand was coming back… but its looking like he’s going to Philly for 5 years/$82 mil.  Meanwhile, Corey Maggette is getting more than the MLE to go to Golden State.  If you believe the analysis on TrueHoop, Maggette is about to get overpaid.  Still nothing on Posey.

I wonder if Baron can back out now that he knows Elton is going to leave?

At this writing, we’re two hours away from the free agent signing period.  I don’t know what will be made official at midnight… but we’ll be around to watch for it.

Clippers: Offseason Masterminds?
July 7, 2008

I actually started this post an hour ago… but this is what happened to me after writing that headline.  The Clippers hold A LOT of cards this offseason… which means they have the potential to determining the fate of A LOT of teams.

And because all of the stuff we’ve been hearing is happening during the dead period, it’s all words and handshakes.  Hands have been tipped.  Golden State knows its losing Baron Davis… even though it hasn’t lost him yet.  All this “player movement” is theoretical… which means until later this week, sign and trades can still be worked out.  CelticsBlog found an interesting scenario on Clips Nation.

Golden State receives thier choice of Rasheed Wallace, Chauncey Billups or Richard Hamilton.
Detroit receives Corey Maggette and Brevin Knight (salary matching purposes).
Los Angeles Clippers receive Baron Davis.

The Clippers, I suppose, would benefit in all of this by… dumping Brevin Knight?  He’s only making $2 mil and he’s in the last year of his deal.  I guess that means more money for Brand. 

All I know is that all the talk of trades, signings and renounced rights is still all talk.  That means the Clips are in the driver’s seat this offseason.

God help us all.

Baron Davis To Clippers
July 1, 2008

Everyone was shocked when Baron Davis left 17-plus million on the table with the Warriors.  And then Elton Brand opted out of HIS deal… but left zero doubt that he was coming back.  But when he does, Baron Davis will be his teammate. 

The Beard will take less money to play with the Clippers.

speculation quickly began that the team would try to keep Brand and sign Davis. This scenario is only possible if the Clippers renounce the rights of Corey Maggette and Brand takes a slight pay cut.

Sources say the Clippers are expected to do just that and quickly reach a verbal agreement to bring back Brand.

So the Maggette era in LA is over… but so too should be the rumors of him coming to Boston.  He’ll get more than MLE (or at the very least, the full MLE) from someone and we just won’t do that here.  And since LA will renounce his rights, there’s no more talk of a sign-and-trade.  I’d expect Maggette to go to Philly.