Rondo’s Gauntlet
December 13, 2008

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

We’re all about Voting Rondo around here… and this is the stretch where he’s going to have to earn it.  Starting with last night’s game, he’s facing some tough tests at point.

Let’s start with last night, where Chris Paul got the better of the matchup.  Paul had 20 points and 14 assists… but some of those numbers were inflated by an early lack of defense by the guys on the post for the C’s.  I don’t want to discredit Paul’s game last night… but I can remember offhand about 4 or 5 instances of a guy getting lost for an easy dunk.  CP3 only shot 5-16 from the field… and half his points came from the line.  But the hallmark of a good player is still finding a way to be effective on an off night.

Offensively, Rondo was no better, and the Celtics did a ton of their 3rd quarter damage with Eddie House on the floor.  Paul was off, and Rondo can take some credit for that… but he can also shoulder some blame for not turning an “off” night into a bad night for CP3.  A couple of early fouls didn’t help.  I don’t want to over-simplify things… but early foul trouble when you’re trying to check a guy like Paul will go a long way towards taking away your aggressiveness.  If Rondo could have avoided one of those first-quarter fouls, he might have had a better game… at least on defense.

It gets no easier for Rajon on Monday when Deron Williams and the Jazz come to town.  Williams is a tough cover for anyone, and he had success against Rondo last year.  He’s coming off 3 straight double-doubles of 15-and-15, 12-11 and 14-11 Thursday against Portland.  Since returning from his injury, he’s had THREE 15 assist games, a 13 assist night, and those two 11 dime nights.  However, he’s been shooting terribly this year (38%) and it gets worse on the road (32.7%).  Rondo’s success against him will hinge on his teammates.  If Perk and KG let Rondo down by helping too much and losing their guys, we’ll see more easy dunks by the Jazz.  Rondo has to dare Williams to shoot (just like teams dare Rondo to shoot) and not gamble too much on defense.  If he gambles and goes for that wrap-around steal… Williams will torch him and someone will be doing chin-ups on the rim.

After Utah, it’s our buddy Mike Bibby, Chicago phenom Derrick Rose, Chris Duhon (who playing well, averaging about 15 and 10 in December) and Andre Miller on Rondo’s plate.  It’s going to be a tough stretch for Rondo who will have some high-profile opportunities to convince All Star voters to check his name on the ballot.  He didn’t win many votes last night, but he can redeem himself with a good game Monday… and a good stretch after that.

Then we cap that stretch off with the Christmas day game against the Lakers… where Rondo and the C’s can make their biggest statement yet.  A great game there could cement his All Star status.


Bibby Sucks
May 2, 2008

bibby sucks

Thanks to Kevin for emailing this in.  I agree.

Kevin… for making my life a little easier… you’ll get no money.  But… on your death bed… you’ll receive total conciousness.

Paul Pierce / Mike Bibby Ad
April 26, 2008

Pardon the lack of quality.  I normally hate the ‘record the video off the tv’ YouTube clip… but I can’t find a better one. 

Funny how Bibby was chosen for this.  “Respect from the fans?”

Screw you Mike.

((updated with good quality version))

This Guy’s Not Helping
April 25, 2008

Please let this NOT be a reader… because I’d like to think when we go to the games.. we WATCH the game. 

Look dude… We’ve been waiting forever for a chance at a championship around here.  This is a special team.. and the game is IN PROGRESS BEHIND YOU!  Turn around, sit your fat ass down, and watch the game.  The people you’re blocking paid good money for those seats.  

If you ARE a reader… then where the hell is your shirt?  If you’re going to make an ass out of yourself… at least have the decency to get in a little advertising for our store. 

The next Celtics fan that makes a “this must be the guy Bibby was talking about” joke such a layup gets taken out back and beaten with a sack of doorknobs.

(Via: & WEEI)

We Got This
April 25, 2008

rajon rondoI’m not Bill Simmons… I don’t believe in jinxes (which, as has been pointed out in our comments, may be why he picked the Lakers). 

So when I read Rajon Rondo write about how the team is going right now… I can’t help but react by going down to City Hall Plaza and staking out my spot for the parade.

I went to practice this morning…watched some film. Now, I’m about to lay down for a minute. I’m going over Ray’s later. We’re having dinner over his house. Overall, the team is better than ever right now. UBUNTU is in full effect, and our chemistry is crazy! My job now is to just stay focused, play team ball, and win this thing.

How can you not read that and get giddy?  Better than ever?  UBUNTU in full effect?   I can just imagine all those guys at Ray’s house having a blast… talking shop… and getting focused on laying a couple more 20 spots on Atlanta.  Every day I sit here in my underwear and think I can’t possibly love this Celtics team any more… and every day someone says or does something that makes me love this team more.

One more from Rondo:

The Garden are the best fans ever. They bring soo much energy, and I just feed off of it.

You’re welcome.  FYI Rajon… the Army will be in the ATL tomorrow night… right Hawks legend Dominque Wilkins?

“We had just as much green in our building as we had red, and I was mad as hell about that,” Wilkins said. “Oh, I was mad as hell. I took it personally. We all took it personal. But that’s what made the rivalry so great.”

I might cry if I hear the “Rondo’s Better” chant in Atlanta.  Seriously.  I’ll put it up on YouTube.  If anyone gets on TV with a “Rondo > Bibby” sign (and can prove that its you)… I’ll give you a free shirt.  At this point.. I’m thinking even Bibby’s cousin might bring the sign.  He is, after all, rooting for Boston

And just in case you’re not hyped up enough about our chances… let me turn things over to Mr. Kevin Garnett.

“We expect to win this thing and nothing less than that.  That is the focus here, that’s the mentality, and that’s what we are manifesting.”

I think Chuck and I are going to bring a “Moses eats sh*t” banner… you know.. kick it old school.

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Where Screw Mike Bibby Happens
April 24, 2008

I want to take a moment to acknowledge Balcony Gal… and her balcony friends and family… who took the combined Bibby Chant and Bibby Head ideas and ran with it. 

the balcony posse


I Have The POWER!!!
April 24, 2008

He man

As I stood there in my living room with about 3 minutes to go in the game… I heard a sound that made my heart swell (and my ego too)

Rondo heard it:

One chant, “Rondo is better!” was particularly biting and hard-hitting.

“I heard it,” said Rondo. “Like I said, these fans have always been great to me. It was nice to hear, I guess. But it didn’t faze me.”

Josh Smith heard it too:

“I hope our fans were watching,” said Smith. “We are going to need them to be like the Celtics fans were tonight. The Celtics play with a lot of energy. They fed off it.”

Special thanks go to these guys

It was staring him in the face. Section 2, Row 4. Dave Weigner and Calden Akin made the sign just for him.

Big green letters that said “Rondo’s Better.”

And also to these guys:

Buddy just texted, they are chanting “RON-do’s BET-er!” in the T station! WOOOOOO!!!!!


More Bibby Smack
April 23, 2008

Boy, is Mike Bibby stupid. In a pregame interview with Greg Dickerson, Bibby came out swinging at Kendrick Perkins. My memory is so awful, I can’t remember a quote I heard 3 minutes ago. But I will paraphrase:

“Perkins had a worse game than me. Who is he to talk? All of a sudden he’s some tough guy. Until he does something in this league, he shouldn’t say anything.”

I’m guessing Dickerson bolted into the Celtics locker room and said, “Perk, Perk, wait until you heard what Bibby said about you!”

UPDATE: The Globe’s Gary Dzen has the comments and Perk’s response.

“Rondo’s Better (Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap)”
April 23, 2008

mike bibby and rajon rondo

Mike Bibby hates you (and your mother too… something about her combat boots).  Granted, Bibby’s probably talking out of frustration because he was destroyed by Rajon Rondo.  Its the equivalent of going up to a hot chick at the bar… getting rejected… and walking away calling her an ugly lesbian (read more about that in Chuck’s new book “Every Woman I Meet is an Ugly Lesbian”… available soon on Amazon). 

So let’s show Bibby how loud fans can be.  When he starts walking the ball up the court, or when he’s at the free throw line… let’s spark up the chant “Ron-Do’s Bet-ter (Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap).”  If you’d like… you can do it while waving the Bibby Face you download from BostonSportz

I’m hoping that other blogs and sites pick this up… so enough of the fans going to the game tonight get the word… and really get this chant going.  Partly because I want to shove it down Bibby’s throat… and partly because I need to feed my gigantic ego by controlling what the crowd at Celtics games say.  Speak my pretties…. SPEAK!

Besides… Paul Pierce wants to hear it from you guys too:

“I hope our fans hear that and come even louder tomorrow in Game 2. I think that’s totally disrespectful to our fans.”

And its not just fans that will be tearing Bibby a new one today… expect the abuse from Rondo to continue… because he’s got plenty of confidence going into tonight.  This will not be a good night for Mikey.

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And finally… the We Rite Good 7th man and MVP rankings… as chosen by us… the basketbloggers.  The 7th man is a player who averaged under 24 minutes, and started in less than 25% of the team’s games.  I voted for KG for MVP… he did not win.  In fact the only time I matched the consensus was with the 7th man:  Jason Maxiell. 

Bibby Says We’re Bandwagon Fans
April 22, 2008

After getting embarassed by Rajon Rondo Sunday night, Mike Bibby decided to take his frustration out on the Celtics fans.

They were kind of loud at the beginning,” he said. “But a lot of these fans are bandwagon jumpers trying to get on this now. I played here last year, too. And I didn’t see three fourths of them. They’re for the team now and they might get a little rowdy but that’s about it.”

When asked if he thought they were fair-weather fans, joining the party only after the Celtics’ offseason trades that brought Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to town, Bibby didn’t hesitate to pour more gasoline on the fire.

“You could say that,” he said. “I remember them having bags on their heads [last year]. It’s a different look. I guess that’s what happens when you win.”

If I played like Bibby did Sunday night, I’d be wearing a bag on my head. I’m guessing the Hawks would take bandwagon fans over no fans at all. Game 3 hasn’t sold out yet. Can you believe that? Actually I can, because Atlanta is the worst sports city in America. Leave it to Perk to fire back at Bibby.

“Coming off a 2-for-10 shooting performance, you expect a guy to say something like that,” Kendrick Perkins said. “We have the best fans in the world, but we don’t expect other players to like our fans.”

Although the Hawks have yet to sell out Philips Arena for Game 3 Saturday, Perkins is under the impression that the crowd will be bigger than usual in Atlanta.

“It’s about time,” he said. “It takes us going down there to pack their building out.”