World Champs
June 17, 2008

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Light It Up Red
June 17, 2008

5 minutes away from a world championship.

L.A. Got Rondo’d
June 17, 2008

This kid has been unbelievable tonight. Anyone who called for his benching is a moron.

We Told You
June 17, 2008

Defense wins championships. You think Lakers fans are realizing that now?

June 17, 2008

24 minutes away from a world championship.

Perk Looks Good
June 17, 2008

According to the Globe’s Gary Dzen, Kendrick Perkins looks pretty good during warmups: 

Perkins is in uniform and warming up on the parquet. Perkins is taking jump shots over the reach of assistant coach Clifford Ray. He’s a righthanded shooter, but his left arm is getting good extension on the jump shots as well. He also blew past Ray for a couple of powerful dunks. He said he could barely lift the arm a couple of days ago in Los Angeles.

The Game 6 Forum is up and running….

Jet Lag, Vegas & Jemele
June 16, 2008

As if a cross-country flight isn’t bad enough, we’ve learned the Celtics flight out of L.A. was delayed some 6 hours today due to mechanical issues with the plane. So instead of them landing around 5pm EST, they won’t get back until 11pm EST. On the bright side, the Globe’s Marc Spears reports that Ray Allen will play Tuesday night and his child, who was rushed to the hospital Sunday, will be OK. According to the Associated Press, Kendrick Perkins will be a game-time decision.

Our favorite source for online betting,, has the Celtics at 4.5 point favorites (-200 money line) for Game 6. Frankly, I’m puzzled by this line.  

Updating the Jemele Hill situation, here’s the email I received from several hours after issuing my complaint:

Thank you for contacting us.

We value the comments and opinions of our fans.  Your comments in reference to Jamele Hill will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review.

Thanks for visiting

For live assistance with this or any other issue, please call Customer Care at 1-888-549-3776 (ESPN) between 7:00 am and 2:00 am EST.


David Customer Care

Thanks David. For future emails, you might want to correct your spelling of Jemele’s name. I’ll be sure to give you a call just to make sure you haven’t forgotten about us. 

Now on Barstool
June 16, 2008

On Barstool today, I’m making the case for Eddie House to start Game 6:

This “comeback” thing is getting old. Aside from the obvious notion of playing better 1st quarter defense, Doc Rivers should shuffle up the starting line-up for Game 6. Play Eddie House. Rajon Rondo (ankle injury or not) has become completely ineffective on the offensive end. Starting House keeps the Lakers defense honest, even if he’s not hitting shots. And with the Celtics defense arriving late to games, we could use the firepower. While it sounds like a drastic move, it really isn’t because Rondo hasn’t logged extensive minutes in the past few games.

 And the Stoolies are also expressing their feelings about Jemele Hill.

Not Yet
June 16, 2008

Chalk this loss up to another slow start. After falling behind by 19 points in the 1st quarter, the Celtics rallied but never fully made it out of that hole. The play of the game came with :40 seconds left in the 4th, the Celtics down 2 with the ball – Kobe Bryant managed to poke the ball away from Paul Pierce (it was a blatant reach-in that went uncalled – hmmm, I wonder why Dick Bavetta didn’t see it?) and score on a slam. The Lakers capitalized on the absence of Kendrick Perkins by outrebounding the Celtics. Pau Gasol (19 pts, 13 reb) and Lamar Odom (20 pts, 11 reb) both had big games in the paint. Let’s just say this wasn’t KG’s best game. He battled foul trouble all night, and missed 3-out-of-4 free throws in the final 3 minutes. Paul Pierce (38 pts, 8 assists, 48 minutes) was magnificent. Let’s hope he has some gas in the tank for Game 6 on Tuesday.

Box Score | Recap

Mano e Mano
June 15, 2008

This game has turned into Kobe Bryant vs Paul Pierce. Kobe (15 pts) carried the play in the 1st quarter as the Lakers surged to an 18 point lead. The Truth (21 pts) dominated the 2nd as the C’s sliced the lead to just 3 at the half.