The All-Time Celtics Roster
July 8, 2008

Just a little something to spark up some discussion as we wait for the new salary cap number to come out today… and for free agency to open up tomorrow.

Don at With-Malice… who is a big Lakers fan (his all time team here)… has asked a few sites to put together their all-time rosters.  So here’s MY take. 


  • PG: Bob Cousey
  • SG: Paul Pierce
  • SF: Larry Bird
  • PF: Kevin McHale
  • C: Bill Russell

Paul Pierce at the 2 might be the most debatable position here.  There rest are all Hall of Famers at their respective positions… but Pierce serves as more of a slasher in this offense which would let Bird spot up more.  I think they’d compliment each other nicely.


  • G: Dennis Johnson
  • G: Sam Jones
  • G/F: John Havlicek
  • F: Tom Heinsohn
  • F: Dave Cowens
  • F/C: Kevin Garnett
  • C: Robert Parish

I tried for a mix of scoring and defense… plus a good mix of size on the bench.  Because Tommy Heinsohn is “Tommy” homer announcer… people don’t seem to realize just how good he was.  He’s a 6-time All Star who, at his peak, had a few years that he averaged about 20 and 10 a game.  His career playoff numbers:  19.8 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 2.1 apg.  He kicked ass.  Sam Jones finished in the top 5 of MVP voting twice… and had 4 season as a top 10 scorer in the NBA.  I think the others speak for themselves.  Do I even need to mention that Red is the coach?

Man, we’ve had some great players in Green!

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In Appreciation of… Red Auerbach
July 6, 2008

Boston Globe)

Red Auerbach (Courtesy: Boston Globe)


We are spending some time looking back over the Boston Celtics championship season… in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved.  Over the past two weeks, we’ve appreciated the team’s management, ownership, coach and players.  In our next to last installment of the fifteen part series, we appreciate the patriarch of our beloved franchise.

It’s odd that a championship that made things complete for so many people was missing one very important thing.  The presence of Red Auerbach. 

For the first time in Celtics history, Red was not around to watch and celebrate a title with the Celtics.  The man who built a little team in Boston into “The Celtics” didn’t get a chance to see the team built the same way he had built so many of his champions:  A shrewd trade or two, genius drafting, and a selfless commitment to winning that cast aside all pursuits of individual glory.  A lot of former Celtics said Red would have loved this team, and I have to believe that truer words cannot be spoken.

Yes, Red is gone, but don’t for a second believe that his influence isn’t felt by this team.  This sense of family that exists with the Celtics exists because of him.  The reason Bill Russell, John Havlicek and Bob Cousey can hang around the practice facility and dole out advice and tricks of the trade is because that’s the kind of family Red built.  The reason why EVERY guy who comes to town shows up in awe of those banners is because Red created a culture of winning here.  The reason why “Celtics Basketball” is a selfless brand of “I’ve got your back” swarming defense and “everyone touches the ball” offense is because Red insisted on it.


Phil Must Be Stopped
June 4, 2008

phil jackson

This is fate.  This is how its supposed to be.  Phil Jackson… currently tied with Red Auerbach with 9 NBA championships… must beat Red’s Celtics to claim the top spot on the list.

And here’s a memo to the players:  This matters to us.

I’d rather watch ‘2 girls 1 cup’ with my mom than watch Phil Jackson beat the Celtics and pass Red to become the most successful NBA coach of all time.  Phil can’t win #10 this way.  Not against the Celtics.  Not after this season.  No way.

The coaches and the players have to put the focus in the right place:

Rivers distanced himself from the issue Monday and Pierce followed suit yesterday.

“It’s not about Red and Phil,” said Pierce. “It’s about the Celtics and the Lakers.”

But they should know… Celtics fans want this prevented at all costs… and Lakers fans want this to happen here more than anywhere else.  

Speaking of coaching… Doc Rivers might have an interesting choice to make in these Finals.  Will Tony Allen come in to guard Kobe Bryant?  TA made some kind of miraculous recovery from an ankle injury (which went like this:  Tony hurt his ankle… said he can’t play… doctors say he’s fine… and suddenly he realizes he’s fine.  Tony doesn’t need doctors… he needs the Jedi mind trick).  So he could be considered an option on the defensive end.  In my opinion, the only way he sees time is if he’s their last hope.  He’s too much of a liability on offense right now.

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(photo: AP) 

Red Hated Flopping
May 30, 2008

This is one of the greatest clips you’ll ever see… and it comes to us courtesy of BulletsForever.

Here is Red Auerbach… lamenting the new practice of flopping in the NBA.  Let me tell you… he doesn’t like it one bit. 

My favorite part is when he brings in Mendy Rudolph… former Dean of NBA Referees (and who Red calls one of the great officials of all time) to break down the flop that he has set up on the tape:

“as soon as the contact came, Mike [Riordan… who is demonstrating the flop] does some Hollywood acting.  And the best thing the officials can do in this case, Red, is to ignor the play and don’t even call it.”

Hmmm…. I wonder where I heard that argument before

So take a memo, NBA Officials.  It’s not just douchebag Celtics-crazed blogger that is saying you should have the sack to no-call a flop… it’s one of the greatest officials of all time, too. 

Thanks, Red.

This Ain’t Ever Happening Again
March 30, 2008

This video is awesome and depressing at the same time.   Its awesome because its everything sports should be.  The crowd piling onto the floor to celebrate a championship… the General Manager talking crap about the losing team when he holds up the trophy… David Stern’s mustache.  But what’s depressing is that this scene won’t ever happen again.  It’s especially bad news for Chuck… because he was planning to do exactly what the guy was doing at the :55 mark.