We Can’t Call Everyone “The Big 3”
November 20, 2008

AP Photo

AP Photo

My buddy Joe emailed me a rant that I think needs to be shared.

I happened to have the ESPN NBA pregame show on tonight and all throughout they kept referring to the big 3… that would be McGrady, Ming, and Artest of the Houston Rockets.  Are you kidding me?  Has this been the case since the start of the season?  The Big 3 is a legendary Celtics moniker, that was reborn last season when the Celtics got 3 legit stars.  McGrady is an all-star, but Yao is just a guy who’s always hurt that happens to be really big, and Artest is a nutjob.  And how can they give these guys that nickname when it’s currently being used in the league??  Why not call McGrady “the glove”, Yao “Shaq-diesel” and Artest “the answer” while they’re at it?  Or maybe call them the purple people eaters, or the steel curtain defense.  dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I think the best point here is that THE NICKNAME IS CURRENTLY BEING USED!!  You can’t use it on someone else.  That’s just lazy.  Hell, I think it’s lazy to call this Pierce, Garnett and Ray “The Big 3″… but that’s where we are right now.

What happened to people coming up with good nicknames?  Where’s the creativity?

Here’s some other stuff to get you through your miserable, corporate lives (I mean… other than adding that Jameson to your coffee):

Andray Blatche stinks.  He also smells bad.

Why did “The Machine” melt down in game 4 of the Finals?  Low batteries.

Want to know what a true American hero is?  The director who called for his replay.

I’d be speechless too. (Via Fan IQ)

Remember when we told you Shaq might have been Twittering?  That wasn’t Shaq.  But this really is… and he’s really Twittering.

And the Garbage Time All Stars hand out some justice to KG, and the rest of the NBA.

Now We’ve Got To Repeat
November 5, 2008

(Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by Bill Ba hptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

Because Rajon Rondo says so.

I just got back in the locker room. We just got the W in Houston, and I had to blog. OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT! I can’t even explain how I feel right now. All I have to say is that we have to repeat, because we have to go back to the White House to meet Obama.

Why do I think Rajon Rondo could find a way to meet Barack Obama some other way?  You know what?  Scratch that.  Let Rondo think that the only way is repeating. 

What’s cool is that when the Celtics make it back, we know the President will have actually watched the series.

Lots of questions about Scott Foster’s officiating last night.  He just so happens to be friends with Tim Donaghy.  Does that mean anything?  No.  But I’ll bet you he wishes he didn’t make so many absolutely horrible calls the night after talking to all these media outlets about his association with a known game-fixer. 

The C’s are in Oklahoma City tonight, and we’re hoping they don’t let down like they did against Indiana.  They’re coming off their first win of the season… and they’ve had a couple of days off.  I expect the C’s to win, but if they relax, a young and athletic Thunder team could find their way to the hole.  For a look ahead to tonight’s game, head over to Thunderguru.com, where I did a little Q&A about the C’s.

If you’re like me and you’re still compiling championship memorabilia.  Here’s a pretty cool book for you to check out.  Click on the image if you want to preview and buy it.


The Lakers have jumped to the top of power rankings.  They can have it.  I’ll take another title.

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After the jump:  YouTube video of Kendrick Perkins NASTY rejection of Ron Artest… and Allen Iverson makes fun of himself and his “practice” line. (more…)

Finals Preview?
November 4, 2008

Just look at TMac’s reaction to that.  Priceless.

Just for the record, no… tonight’s game against Houston isn’t a Finals preview… but that’s how some outlets will play this up.  Yes, Houston is going to be good.  But for some reason, people always seem to forget how many times Ron Artest was supposed to be the “missing piece”, but hasn’t been. 

Trust me, Houston.  Something is going to go wrong.  Now… I ain’t mad at ya.  I’ve got nothing against Houston.  I’m just being honest with Rockets fans.  Artest isn’t the answer.

As for the Celtics, they need to take it right at the Rockets tonight.  Get it into the paint, make Yao move and commit, and use our athleticism to make him pay.  I think I’ll have an aneurysm if I see another jump-shot fest. 

And I’ve got to share this item from Jerry West

In the 1960 s, the Lakers lost to Boston in the NBA Finals six times. West said everyone was frustrated but that he was probably the most frustrated of all during that time.

In 1969, then-owner Jack Kent Cooke had balloons placed in the Forum rafters of Game 7, a symbol of his confidence that his Lakers would win. West, who knew nothing of Cooke’s plans, saw the balloons when he walked onto the court – and so did the Celtics.

The Celtics won.

“That was the most embarrassing moment of my life,” West said. “Jack Kent Cooke was the owner of the Lakers. I was so offended, I couldn’t even tell you. That was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t think you ever want to try to embarrass anyone, particularly an athlete. That was probably the low point of my life.”

Hah Hah.  Awesome.

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After the jump, the Pacific Division previews… which are last of our blogger previews. (more…)

Pierce Leaves Game With Neck Injury
October 11, 2008

Paul Pierce was mugged by Ron Artest on the way to the hole in the first quarter… and ended up leaving the game with some sort of neck injury.  It didn’t look horrible… but it was enough to send him to the locker room.

Artest followed that up by hip-checking Ray Allen out of bounds a minute later. 

This guy’s a menace. 

I’ll be away… but check out our Twitter page for more updates.

** update:  Comcast SportsNet just called Pierce’s injury a bruised shoulder.  He’s expected to return.

Bring The Crazy
October 11, 2008

Ron Artest and the Houston Rockets are in town tonight (actually, in Manchester, NH).  The Rockets are still trying to figure out how to play with one another… and when exactly Artest will melt down and destroy the team.

T-Mac suited up for the last Houston preseason game but he didn’t play.  I don’t think he’ll play tonight… but we’ll see. 

Jess Camerato’s latest piece for WEEI.com presents us with a nickname for Bill Walker:  “You Tube”

I think I like it.

Start The Crazy Train!
July 31, 2008

The Houston Rockets must be sooooooo thrilled they traded for Ron Artest. 

Today’s episode starts with Yao Ming reacting to the trade thusly:

“Hopefully, he’s not fighting anymore and going after a guy in the stands”

Ok.  Not exactly the best opening line.  Luckily… Ron took it all in stride.  Oh wait:

“I understand what Yao said, but I’m still ghetto,” Artest said, according to the report. “That’s not going to change. I’m never going to change my culture. Yao has played with a lot of black players, but I don’t think he’s ever played with a black player that really represents his culture as much as I represent my culture. Once Yao Ming gets to know me, he’ll understand what I’m about.

Ok… well… not so bad. 

What?  There’s more?

“If you go back to the brawl, that’s a culture issue right there,” Artest added, according to the report. “Somebody was disrespecting me, so he’s got to understand where I’m coming from. People that know me know that Ron Artest never changed.”

Hmmm.  That’s not so good.  At least there was no comment that drips of the type of sarcasm that makes Rockets higher-ups rush to update their resume’s. 

Huh?  Keep reading? Oh…

“I guess once Yao Ming approves [the deal], I’ll be a Houston Rocket,” Artest said, according to the report. “[Yao] probably should’ve called me first. But at the same time, it’s Yao Ming’s team.”

“Whatever Yao Ming wants me to do, I’ll be there. Whatever Tracy McGradytells me to do, that’s how it’s going to go down. Ultimately, whatever [Rockets] coach Rick Adelman tells me to do is exactly what I’m going to do.”

I’m so pissed Ron didn’t go to the Lakers.  Then all drama would be so much more delicious.  Now it’s just another good team blinded by Ron’s talent that is quickly finding out that he’s nowhere near worth the headaches.

(Thanks to Dre for the tip)

Our System Is Broken
July 31, 2008

I’ve said it before… and I’ll say it again.  The United States’ decline in the world of basketball… despite having superior athletes and coaches… is a problem of its own making.  We let our most talented kids flounder in a system dominated by shoe companies and agents.  Camps and tournaments like this, where kids play 100 games in a few months, are showcases of talent that are later picked over and exploited.  Kids work on the wrong skills to get noticed… and they fall victim to slick talkers and empty promises of big payouts. 

This isn’t a drum I haven’t banged before.  And I haven’t changed my stance.  A system needs to be created that puts these kids in a pipeline under Team USA.

USA Basketball’s primary concern seems to be how to assemble NBA players into a unit that can reassert America’s basketball dominance.  What USA Basketball should also be doing is making sure these talented young kids have available leagues, camps and programs that are not affiliated with any corporate entity.  Filter these kids into a pipeline that will teach them the proper fundamentals at a formative age.  Teach them the GAME, not how to show off for some And1 Mix Tape.  Then, when they get into high school and college, they’re playing the game correctly.  The improved product will pay off down the road when drafts are full of quality players who, when Team USA comes calling for a favor, will be happy to repay their debt

What we need is a system that eliminates outside forces.  How are kids playing 100 games in a summer?  The Celtics played 108 over 8 months.  There’s something wrong here. 

In NBA news:  Luol Deng is going back to Chicago.  Chris Mannix thinks the Artest trade made Houston a contender.

Rockets Steal Artest From Kings
July 30, 2008

Crazy Ron-Ron is taking his act to the Houston Rockets. The Kings agreed to trade away their volatile yet talented swingman for Donte Greene (the 28th pick in this year’s draft), Bobby Jackson and a first round pick in 2009. Wait, there must be more. Nope. This ranks right up there with the Pau Gasol heist. Since Houston has a solid core (55-27 last season) and only has to pay Artest $7 million for one year, they must feel he’s worth the risk. And it looks like Ron is ready to fight for a title:

Said Artest: “Boston kind of blitzed the whole league with that trio they have. To pretty much compete for a championship, you need a trio and some great role players. I guess if it’s McGrady, Yao and Artest … I’ll let everybody else do the math.”

If Artest stays sane, and that’s a big IF, I see the Rockets as the best team in the Western conference. And you can tell Rockets fans feel the same way because they are already coming to Red’s Army to talk smack.

In other news, it looks like Luol Deng is about to get $71 million from the Bulls.

David Stern Just Had A Heart Attack
July 22, 2008

"Hey Ron, will you sign my crushed orbital bone?"

"Hey Ron, will you sign my crushed orbital bone?"

Because the newest Ron Artest rumor has him going to….


Granted… the rumor is a bit on the vacuous side… but it’s just too delicious not to pass along.

I’ll tell you one person who doesn’t want Ron… this rabid Lakers fan.

And speaking of losers… its nice to see national publications are FINALLY starting to see that Gilbert Arenas is the kind of player whose increased personal contributions come at the expense of his teams.

Celtics Want Artest?
July 17, 2008


Courtesy: Musicwarship.com

Bill Ingram of Hoopsworld reports:

The Boston Celtics offered up a James Posey sign-and-trade to land Artest, but obviously that’s not going to happen. As HOOPSWORLD’s Jessica Camerato broke earlier today, Posey is now a New Orleans Hornet.

Ron Artest is the last thing the Celtics need. Don’t get sucked in by the talent Danny, this guy is a cancer.