Tony Parker Chokes Hard
March 20, 2009

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Finals Preview?
February 8, 2009

The San Antonio Spurs are in town today to take on the defending champs.  The Spurs have a defensive mentality, dominant big man, quick-as-lightning point guard, and a wing that is capable of scoring in bunches.  So they’re exactly the kind of team that can make it through the west and come back here in June.

Of course, I’m hyping this game up because Chuck and I will be going.  And I’m calling it a potential Finals preview because it will piss off those idiot Laker fans that continue to try to spam us.  Face it, Laker fans.  The Spurs are good enough to beat you.  Your Finals berth is not guaranteed.

Anyway, since Chuck and I will be at the game, that means we won’t be carrying on our new tradition of live blogging these afternoon games.  However, you can still have some fun with us on Twitter.  I’ll be posting some observations from the game, and maybe even a few pictures.   Or, if you don’t have a Twitter account (or if you don’t want to set one up), you can go to our forums.

This also means the post-game update will be a little late.  Bear with us.  We’ll have to sober up before coming home.  Hopefully we’ll all be celebrating.   Half the Spurs haven’t played in a week.  Duncan, Ginobili, Parker and Finley all sat out Tuesday’s game… so they haven’t played since Monday.  Meanwhile, we’ll have to see if KG’s back is an issue after he got pushed from behind in the Knicks game.

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Study The Celtics
November 6, 2008

The Celtics have entered into a unique partnership with Suffolk University that will allow students to study, evaluate and even create Celtics marketing strategies.   Actually, it sounds like the Celtics just got a bunch of kids to come up with good marketing ideas for free.

“We have developed an exciting program with Suffolk University, which presents the unique opportunity for business students to learn first-hand about the day-to-day business operations of a professional sports team,” Celtics president Rich Gotham said in a statement.

In a statement of his own, Suffolk University vice president John Nucci added of the program, “It will put Celtics expertise in the classroom, where our students will gain concrete and tangible experience from some of the best in the sports business arena.”

Wyc Grousbeck is going to teach the kids at Princeton a little something or two about building a winner.  It’s about time those morons got an education.  Seriously.  If those kids were REALLY as smart as they claim to be, they’d have figured a way to get that school the hell out of New Jersey.

The folks at Hugging Harold Reynolds are going to some Yardbarker meet-and-greet booze-fest tonight.  I’m unable to attend… but I’ve met these guys… and they’re pretty cool.  So I’m pretty comfortable passing along the link that asks for suggestions to keep a potentially boring night interesting… and asking you to help them make total asses of themselves.

And I’m going to take a page out of Chuck’s book here.  In honor of Tony Parker’s 55 points, I’m putting up some pictures of Eva Longoria, back when she was hot, after the jump. (more…)

The Gauntlet
March 15, 2008

Once upon a time… the NBA belonged to the big men.  The “little man” would enter the lane at his own peril.  Now… like the mammal inheriting the earth from the T-Rex and brontosaurus… the point guard has taken over the NBA.  Older guys like Nash, Kidd and Baron Davis are giving way to young studs like Deron Williams and Chris Paul.  Rajon Rondo hopes to join that level at some point… but he’s not there yet.

Last night, we saw Williams dominate the game.  He’s strong… he’s fast.. he’s tough… and he’s got a great feel for the game.  I won’t say Rondo played poorly against Williams… but he didn’t play great.  But Williams sees what Rondo is capable of:

“Every game since he’s been in the league, he has gotten a rip on me, a clean strip, and then he’s gone in for a layup,” Williams said. “He’s got the tools to be one of the best defensive point guards in this league – the long arms, the big, quick hands, the great anticipation. And he’s added a lot to his offensive game. You can’t play off of him. I got caught in the first quarter doing that and he made us pay.”

To be fair, Williams is option number 1 or 2 every trip down the floor… and Rondo is option number 4 at best.  As fans, we often try to compare guys head-to-head… but we rarely consider their roles on the team.  But this entire road trip is a gauntlet not just for the Celtics… but for Rondo as well.  Mo Williams is no joke tonight… and then he’s got to deal with Tony Parker, Jason Kidd, and Chris Paul.  And don’t forget Rafer Alston… who, while not a premier NBA PG, has the ball handling skills that earned him the status of “playground legend.”  Rondo, however, is staying cool.

“I just try to get excited for every game,” he shrugged. “It’s the NBA. I’m just fortunate to be in the league and I try to bring out my best each night.”

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Seattle Is About To Get Really Good
June 13, 2007

30 year olds are supposed to be just entering the prime of their professional careers. They’re supposed to start making the moves that prove their worth… and that will someday lead them to a pretty good position in their chosen field. They’re not, however, expected to have already reached the top.

Enter Sam Presti, whom we’ve mentioned before. He’s now the leading candidate to run the Seattle Sonics. How is that possible? The last sentence of that piece pretty much says it all:

After graduating from Boston’s Emerson College in 2000, Presti joined the Spurs as a summer intern. He has gotten a promotion almost every season since, and has implemented the Spurs’ scouting database. He is credited with first spotting Spurs point guard Tony Parker, whom the Spurs drafted with the 29th pick in 2001

Let’s go over that again. He was an intern 7 years ago. Now he’s going to run the Sonics. Interns don’t get paid. GM’s get paid close to a million bucks a year. He’s personally responsible for Tony Parker’s career (which includes marrying Eva Longoria). Now he’s going to run Seattle… which, oh by the way, is going to get either Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. Yeah… he’s good at what he does.

Hey Danny Ainge… what have you done over the past 5 years while some kid in his 20’s was helping construct the NBA’s current dynasty? Dismantling a once proud franchise to point where we all let ping pong balls dictate our future? Umm… yeah… that’s something to be proud of too.