You Know What? Go Ahead And Vote Yi!
January 9, 2009

You know, I’ve been too hard on Yi Jianlian.  The guy’s got a feathery touch.  He can get in an rebound.  He’s on fire (20, 22, and 13 points in his last 3 games).

And… if he makes it, then maybe KG can get a few days off to rest.

Yep.  I’m reversing course.  Looking at the latest All Star voting numbers, only 150,000 votes separate Yi from KG.  And considering what this team is going through lately, I think the best thing for the Celtics would be some time to relax and get ready for the important part of the season.

So go ahead, Vote Yi!.  Vote Ridnour if you want.  I don’t care anymore.  6 losses in 8 games have completely changed my tune.  Un-stuff those ballot boxes Boston!!  We can do it.

Just to show I’m putting my vote where my mouth is, here’s my East roster:


The Darius Miles saga is getting bizarre.  Yesterday, everyone found out that the 6 preseason games he played with the Celtics count towards the 10 he needed to count against the Blazers salary cap (a cool $18 mil).  He played in two more with Memphis, so he only needs two more.  So to discourage any NBA GM’s from signing Darius and playing him just to screw their cap, the Blazers did the obvious thing:  They’re threatening to sue… sending out a note that includes this:

“Please be aware that if a team engages in such conduct, the Portland Trail Blazers will take all necessary steps to safeguard its rights, including, without limitation, litigation.”

This is gonna get good.  I’m glad the C’s could do their part.

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Twice The Viewers As The Super Bowl
November 9, 2007

That’s what is expected for tonight’s Milwaukee Bucks vs. Houston Rockets game. 

Why?  Because most of China will be watching.

The game, starting early Saturday morning in China, will air on 19 television stations, including CCTV-5, the country’s government-run network. It also will be available on two Webcasts and on video-enabled, wireless phones.  The game is expected to draw more than 200 million viewers in China. By comparison, last week’s New England-Indianapolis game in the NFL drew an average audience of about 34 million. Last year’s Super Bowl drew an average of 93 million.

And you wonder why the small-market Milwaukee Bucks rolled the dice on Yi Jianlian.  Forget the fact that he’s actually having an ok start to the season… Half of China is now walking around in Bucks jerseys. 

I Ain’t Mad At Ya
July 24, 2007

Doc RiversDoc Rivers doesn’t think much about Tim Donaghy games involving the Celtics.  Basically… it’s because we sucked so much last season, Tim Donaghy would need a team of point-shaving robots to make a difference.

“You think about the games of yours he worked, but I didn’t go into it too deep,” Rivers said. “It would have been more interesting if we’d had a good year and the different games had meant more because we were involved in a race or something. But with the year we had, I didn’t give it much thought.”

A few people have been making a good point about Donaghy.  It would have been MUCH easier for him to affect the over/under than it would have to move point spreads.  I’m willing to bet a little of both was happening… but we shouldn’t focus all in one place.  David Stern will address Donaghy today… which will be interesting to hear.  How the hell will he spin this?  Especially when the NBA tells its referees that they can’t bet on anything, anywhereHere’s Bob Ryan’s take on it.  Loy’s Place takes a really in-depth look at things too.

yi jianlian in a celtics uniformFull Court Press wonders if there is some Kedrick Brown in Gerald Green.  And Eric Weiss takes the recent comments about Al Jefferson and runs with them… figuring out what the ceiling really is for Big Al.  And in case you missed it.. Yi Jianlian would have been the Celitcs pick if they didn’t pull the trade with Seattle.  Just something to think about as we move forward. 

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We’ll See Yi Tonight
July 11, 2007

Yi JianlianTonight is our first chance to see if Yi Jianlian has the skills that would have helped the Boston Celtics.  Judging from the early returns though, Yi had a better time practicing against the furniture.

Yi went into last night’s game against the Knicks shooting 20%… then shot 0-6 to finish with 3  points and 9 fouls.  He’s not the only one struggling in Vegas, though.  Greg Oden was a mess… but he’s getting his tonsils out… so he’s done for the summer.  And Kevin Durant is putting up Iverson-esque shooting numbers

The lesson… as we’ve been trying to tell you… summer league doesn’t mean crap.  Still you can watch Yi play and maybe we can pick something out of his performance.  Game time is 10pm eastern.

The only real item of note regarding the Celtics today is the revelation of the obvious:  Wyc Grousbeck blew any chances of a Sebastian Telfair trade by pulling the the whole “nameplate off the locker” stunt:

Multiple sources confirmed that the Celtics agreed at the end of the season to trade Telfair. With Rajon Rondo planted at the point, Telfair wanted to start over with a better opportunity – and the C’s were more than willing to give it to him. 

But then came Telfair’s April arrest for gun possession and driving with a suspended license, and more importantly, co-owner Wyc Grousbeck’s announcement that his nameplate would be removed from his locker.

“That really hurt (director of basketball operations Danny) Ainge’s chances of trading him for anything decent,” a league source said.

When will owners learn?  You DON’T get publically involved in the day-to-day running of the team.  Wyc seems like a nice enough guy.  He’s at the games… he’s excited about things… but running a team is like playing poker.  If you let everyone know you’d love to fold… you can’t try to bluff your way to winning the pot later… because everyone knows to call your bluff.  What’s worse… other GM’s now know that Wyc has zero patience for someone who has a brush with the law.  Now the next time a guy gets in trouble… other teams will offer us much less than the actual value of that player.   Danny sucks enough as it is when it comes to trades… you don’t need to make it any harder for him.

For you people curious about salary numbers:  The 2007-08 salary cap will be $55,630,000.  The mid-level exception will be $5,356,000.  The luxury tax threshold will  be $67,865,000.  The Celtics payroll is currently $63,147,632.  We know that Wyc doesn’t want to pay the luxury tax… which is dollar for dollar (every dollar you’re over the threshhold, you pay that same amount in luxury taxes).  That means the C’s have $4.7 million to spend before hitting that threshold.  Just something to consider when you’re looking at potential free agents.

Also today:

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Ray In Town Today
July 2, 2007

ray allen's road jerseyHow does Boston feel about the Ray Allen deal?  Bob Lobel asked that question on Sports Final last night… and got a very telling result.  Each answer (yes, no, not sure) had 30-something percent of the vote.  Celtics fans are split right down the middle on this. 

Ray will be in town today to meet the media.  We expect to have a good portion of that news conference (if not the whole thing) posted at some point today.  The local writers must have spent yesterday resting for today’s news conference because there are no new items to post as of this morning.  On the plus side… the writers have plenty of energy to wolf down the complimentary donuts at the news conference. 

Yi Jianlian actually played basketball yesterday… against real human people!  He scored 15 (11 in the 4th quarter) for China’s 19-and-under team in their loss to the US.  China will play the Maverick’s summer league team tomorrow. 

And Vince Carter will re-sign with the Nets for 4 years, $62 mil.  Congrats… locking up an aging crybaby with a knack for disappearing in big spots for big money will clearly get you over the hump.  New Jersey should have followed Seattle’s lead and dumped Jason Kidd for cap relief and picks… let VC walk… and start over.  You’re going nowhere as currently constituted.  But hey… thanks for eliminating another Atlantic Division competitor for us.  3 seed… here we come!

Milwaukee REALLY F’d Up
July 1, 2007

Yi JianlianThere’s no way to sugar coat this one for the Bucks.  They are about to get royally screwed by selecting Yi Jianlian with the 6th pick

“Our agent team had meetings to study this case immediately after the draft,” said Yi’s Chinese agent Zhao Gang. “Yi’s selection at six has proved his capabilities and value.

“However, we feel that the Bucks are not the best fit for Yi Jianlian. Our team will make contact with other teams who have watched Yi’s training and games to see if there is any possibility of a trade.”

So not only is Yi’s team giving Milwaukee the finger by not showing up at all for the customary “hold up the jersey and smile for our local media” gathering… they’re going to kick Milwaukee in the nuts by forcing a trade.  When you consider (a) the 6th pick’s salary is already set somewhere around $3 million and (b) they’re dealing from a position of weakness… the Bucks have almost no shot at winning in this deal.  How many $3 million players out there are worth what Yi could be worth?  The only $3 million players out there are other early draft picks that won’t be moved… or complimentary guys that aren’t as talented. 

Nice one Milwaukee.  You should have taken Corey Brewer.  On the bright side… you’re the leader in the clubhouse in the OJ Mayo sweepstakes. 

Tonight’s The Night!
June 28, 2007

Join us for the Draft Night Show Presented by Honda Motors.  Ok, we’re not sponsored by Honda… but Chuck and I both drive one… and if anyone at Honda is a Celtics fan… maybe we can get new floormats or something. 

Here’s the deal:  The show starts at 8pmYou can get to the show here…. it’s a link that will also be posted on our Live Draft Coverage Page.  It’s a call in show… and the number is posted on the page… so give us a ring.  Our Live Draft Coverage page will also have every pick, and every trade as they happen tonight.  If you missed anything or if you can’t get to a TV… we’ll have everything for you.

Before our show… I’m going to head over to the CelticsStuffLive show at 6:35 pm to bust some balls.  You can check out their chatroom here… and this link launches the show.  It’s going to be 10 minutes of pure high-larity… or it might suck.  Whatever, just listen to it before you come to our show at 8.

In news that doesn’t involve whoring a project of ours: 

Danny Ainge is excited about picking 5th (yeah, right).  And if Danny really wants Yi at #5, he might have to go through Atlanta to do it.  The rumor is they’re going to take Yi and trade him.  That’s fine with me… that could mean Al Horford drops to 5.  Remember this kids:  Atlanta is dumb.  Seattle is now smart… and they have a plan in place

Meanwhile, two league sources said the Sonics are calling around the league to gauge interest in guard Ray Allen.

KJR-AM radio reported that the Sonics offered Allen to the Boston Celtics for the fifth pick and Theo Ratliff.

That’s not going to happen.  The buzz about any trades involving the Celtics were squashed yesterday by Danny and Doc.  Of course… that probably means they’re close to a deal.  Teams aren’t exactly honest right now, are they Doc Rivers?

“It’s been a lot of work for everyone. A lot of film, a lot of phone conversations, lots of lying”

Yeah… thought so.  Also lying, apparently, are the people who said Paul Pierce would ask for a trade.  Reports from the Herald and the Globe are that he’s fine… and their stories probaby came from the same interviews we posted yesterday.  Pierce was supposed to be on an LA Radio station last night… but he cancelled on them. 

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Hey… if you just can’t wait to watch the C’s again… no problem.  FSN New England is carrying all the summer league game… starting next Friday at 10pm against Portland.

And if you’re wondering about the KG stuff… there are million stories out there and they all say Minnesota and Phoenix are still talking… but nothing is likely. 

Yi Worked Out Again
June 26, 2007

Yi JianlianA quick perusing through the ol’ interweb turned out no new rumors to report…. but Chad Ford did give us this little nugget:

The Suns and Celtics’ big workout of top prospects actually began on Monday when the team flew to L.A. to work out Yi Jianlian. Steve Kerr, David Griffin, Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers were there to put Yi through another workout.

Not a big shock… but they’re still interested enough in Yi to work him out again.  Also in that link… a scenario that Ford dreams up that has the C’s cutting Indiana out of that 4 team deal… and getting Bynum and Odom in the swap.


According to Andy Katz… the C’s are currently leaning toward Yi if they can’t trade the 5th pick.

as the draft approaches, the Celtics still were listening to a trade offers but there could ultimately be an 11th-hour debate among four candidates: Yi, Noah, Brewer and Green.

As of Monday night, Yi held the edge.

Yi Jianlian: Digging Deeper
June 22, 2007

Chad Ford has a huge piece on Yi over at ESPN

A month ago in L.A., I watched Yi work out, and he was very impressive — in fact, Yi’s workout ranked right up there with Oden’s among the very best I’ve seen this year.

But as we’ve all seen over the years, what a player does in a workout doesn’t always translate to a five-on-five basketball game.

The Celtics, Hawks, Bulls, Kings, Clippers, Lakers, Warriors and Sixers have already watched Yi go through the same workout I saw. They have offered similar praise and raised similar concerns.

There are comparisons to Dirk Nowitski.  Ford also guesses that while Danny is very interested in Yi… he might go for more proven products like Corey Brewer or Jeff Green if he has to make the pick.  Ford’s best fit for Yi: Golden State

Yi Wants To Be Here… Maybe
June 20, 2007

Yi Jianlian in a Celtics UniformHey… let’s stoke up those Yi to Boston with the 5th pick rumors again.  In this piece that higlights Golden State’s desire to trade up in the draft to take Yi Jianlian… is this tidbit:

According to several NBA officials I’ve spoken to in the last week, Yi and his posse — i.e. agent Dan Fegan and the Chinese government — would love nothing more than to see Yi wind up a major market, preferably one with a significant Chinese population. The scuttlebutt is the Yi group has targeted four teams: Atlanta, Boston, Golden State and Chicago.

So Danny seems to love Yi… and Yi seems to love Boston…. or at least he would if he ever left LA to work out somewhere else.  At any rate… it’s very interesting because we know how loyal these players are to the Chinese government… and we know that NBA GM’s are generally wusses who cave to players’ demands.  In all actuality… I believe Yi will be a Warrior… and it’s only matter of which lottery team Golden State deals with. 

Hey look… some else is hosting the Carnival of the NBA.  The 45th edition is now up at I Want To Be A Sports Agent.  Check out what the rest of the NBA blogosphere has to offer.

Other Stuff:

 How did I miss this from our buddy Pau Gasol?  Sounds like a trade demand to me… it comes from his personal website

 “If they really want to keep me, then they have to make the necessary effort to get players around me that can compete at the maximum level. I want to be on a winning team that has ambition and fights for everything with stronger players”

Come on… we can make a move with Chris Wallace for Pau.  And speaking of Wallace… a tip o’ the hat to forums member johnnythebone for finding this doozy about Wallace when he traded away Joe Johnson.  Guess it could have been Kedrick Brown… but Wallace decided Johnson was the guy to give up instead.  Ouch.  For other ouchies in Wallace’s career… check out Jessica Camerato’s piece at Hoopsworld.

The Herald and Globe are both Celtics-free.  The Herald does have this piece on George Karl’s son, who is a cancer survivor and all around tough s.o.b.

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