Bring Cousy Back

The folks at Perk Is A Beast have put a petition together to let Comcast know that firing Bob Cousy was a bad idea.

It’s simple… if you think Comcast was wrong to fire Cousy… the sign the petition.

Click here to sign the petition against firing Bob Cousy


4 Responses

  1. Can I also sign a petition that sucks Comcast sucks in general???

  2. Seriously.

    they’ve had 6 preseason games already, and not a one of them was in HD. What the F?

    Comcast sucks.

  3. Tonight’s game is in HD…and unless I’m crazy, I believe I’ve watched other preseason games on 852 – Comcast HD. Anyone else notice the non-HD this preseason?

  4. What’s the deal w/ *firing* a class-act like Bob Cousy?? I met him way back when he was covering the Celtics for WBZ and he was a great guy (so was Johnny Most, who I also met that night). He signed my March 17, 1963 Bob Cousy Day program and said something funny about how young he looked.

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