Pierce Should Be Ready

AP Photo

AP Photo

Marc Spears says Paul Pierce is expected to play tomorrow in Atlanta.

While Celtics forward Paul Pierce is listed as day to day after suffering a right knee contusion against Utah on Monday night, he still is expected to play against the Hawks on Wednesday night. Pierce was re-examined on Tuesday and no MRI or X-ray was needed, according to team spokesperson Jeff Twiss. A solid shoot around in Atlanta tomorrow morning is expected to solidify the All-Star’s expectations to play.

Eddie House should be there tomorrow too.


9 Responses

  1. Pierce ready to play.

    Well ain’t that the muthafuckin truth!!

  2. I have a serious question about TA. Why is it that almost every time he takes it to the hole, he gets stuffed? Is it because he’s relatively small compared to the guys in paint or is he simply not good at keeping the ball away from defenders? Or is he just not the getting calls that a superstar would get?

  3. He might not be getting some calls. He also might need to figure out how to protect the ball with his body more.

  4. well redsarmy, i see it this way. the celtics were blessed with a practically injury free season last year to any of their main stars, unlike all other teams in the nba. so it’s about time that luck runs short for you guys in terms of no major injuries. everything just fell into place for you guys last year. the right trade, injury-riddled opponents and no major injuries to any of your main stars.

  5. Well The Real Truth, the way I see it, the Celtics went through their injury bug two years ago when we were one of the worst teams in the league thanks, partially, to a big injury to Pierce.

    As for things “falling into place”… it’s called people “doing their jobs.” I can’t get over how people who say a General Manager who manages to make the right moves is “lucky” or something. An overhauled roster and coach who most people wanted fired doesn’t constitute things “falling into place.”

    Falling into place is a series of fortunate events. What the Celtics did was make a series of transactions that created a quality roster.

  6. Preach on my brother, the truth shall set you free!

  7. i think it’s going to be difficult for the celtics to have another relatively injury free season. the celtics are going to have to prove that this championship wasn’t a fluke by having to overcome more serious injuries. if they are lucky enough to have another relatively injury free season, then everything will be in place once again to win it all. at the end of the day, you can get back to me in a few years after this celtics team wins 3 or more championships. that’s when it will be known that the championship was no fluke. obviously, the celtics of the 60s and 80s proved they were no fluke. the lakers of the 80s and early 2000s proved they were no flukes. the bulls proved they weren’t flukes in the 90s and so did the spurs in recent years. the jury may not be out for you guys, but it’s still out for me. i want to see them have some more major injuries and overcome them and still come through. then i will give this celtics team their due credit. we will see if they can live up to all these other good teams that had those championship runs.

  8. i am very surprised paul did not bring out the wheelchair theatrics for this one…

  9. The thing that makes me so mad is that this complete moron feels that you have to win 3 or more championships to prove your not a fluke?? I can conclude that you are a jealous laker fan because you realize now this season that we really are better than your joking ass team and now you are crying 3 champs because that is the last thing your team did. We beat you… GET OVER IT!! we are better so shut the fuck up and watch the show we are gonna put on this season, cant wait til xmas

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